E. Smitty - Aint Ready ft Armageddon and King Phaze

To some these days it seems like the dogma of commercial rappers is becoming all too pervasive. To counteract the spread, E. Smitty enlists the help of Armageddon and King Phaze. After handling the production, E. Smitty speaks his mind first, requesting the young cats elevate their hip hop to a higher level, the level of "real hip hoppers." Armageddon is up next and complains about how hip hop is over-saturated with those who don't rap their reality. King Phaze takes a minute to shout out some of those who did it right in the past like Big Pun and Wu-Tang. This is the 3rd Single off of E. Smitty's forthcoming Album "Hip Hop Time Capsule" a project Smitty hopes will help bridge the gap between the youth and the elders.

Personally, I don't know about all that. It cannot be denied that the soundscape of hip hop is changing,  808's have never felt so loved. That being said, there have always been those on the commercial level who get rich rapping about drinking, smoking, and having a good time while those on the underground talk about injustices. And its not even the underground anymore, people like J Cole and Kendrick are undeniably delivering substantial lyricism rich with critiques.

And this whole business of what's real hip hop, while I get it, is rather destructive. Establishing authenticity in any regard is destructive to both those inside and outside the norm. Saying there is a "real" hip hop implies that there are characteristics which are more hip hop than others. By proposing those characteristics are more hip hop than others perpetuates stereotypes about hip hoppers while simultaneously excluding those on the periphery. In theory, I get that Felly is not "as hip hop as" Fetty Wap and that Fetty Wap is not "as hip hop as" Killer Mike, but in practice what good do such distinctions do us? What good is confirming white America's fear that all rappers are "intoxicated blunt smokers and latin mobsters" who will corrupt the youth. And, if you want to be so socially conscious, why not start by not using the word "fag" anymore?