Foday's Thoughtful and Protest-Laden "Never/Thoughts on Our President" [Video]

Part of Portland's growing rap scene, Foday is set to release upcoming EP "Prod. by Foday." "Never/ Thoughts on Our President" is a track on the forthcoming project. The video is a 2-part combination with rapping over protest visuals and audio on the first half and spoken word the second.

In the wake of President Obama's farewell speech, Foday's lyrics are simultaneously cynical and hopeful. With lines like "Is it bad I don't care about the president? Cause either way my skin black, situation been whack" but an end with "We gone overcome no matter who's the president." His lyrics bely a general mistrust of government and its ability to truly serve communities of color, while expressing an immense confidence in his (and his family and community's) ability to persevere and take responsibility for self.

Be sure to listen to the lyrics carefully.

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