The Black Opera - Beautiful City (Video)

Our nation's new Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, has been the focal point of much controversy as of late. Amidst the torrents of public outcry towards our nation's new leadership, The Black Opera has echoed the sentiments of many underprivileged black and brown communities all along. 

"We've seen what's going on with DeVos right now, and what she stands for as far as education is definitely not going to be positive for the inner cities," Jamall Bufford (of The Black Opera) told CNN. "We need money to go into these public schools and not more money taken away."

Both co-founding TBO members, Magestik Legend and Jamall Bufford, work with teens through music workshops and mentoring programs. With the intent to inspire young people growing up in the inner cities to find hope and beauty within their communities, The Black Opera shares the official music video for "Beautiful City," from the group's powerful new album African America.

"The video demonstration for 'Beautiful City' is a depiction of city pride, finding beauty in the smallest details, and what gentrification can do to a city... it's more about the people you love in whatever city you call home. That's the true beauty of a city." - Magestik Legend (of The Black Opera)