Check Out “Eros Murmur” - Karim Tanoe’s Storytelling Takes On New Levels

Ivorian hip hop/rap artist Karim Tanoé is definitely one of the more philosophical rappers to come up this year. He is in the process of releasing a track-a-week off forthcoming conceptual mixtape The Next Step. The mixtape is a narrative which showcases the internal battle between the realist and the dreamer and is a sequel to Karim’s The First Step which was released last year. The storyline builds up from this debut as a transition in power between the realist and the dreamer bringing us into a new sound and energy for The Second Step.  “Eros Murmur” - the third track and third piece of the narrative, maintains its emphasis on lyricism and rhyme but gives us a more accessible dance-ready beat. The track is a seemingly lustful one with a narrative that promises false hopes in exchange for romance only further pinning the realist against the dreamer. On “Eros Murmur” Karim tells the story of a fortune-teller who is out to deceive by selling dreams to his clients, while lying about their current romantic situation to take them away from their partners. No question that Karim comes forward as an artist with a clear and pointed vision for his art and soon will raise himself to bonafide Hip-hop star status. Keep an eye on the young artist as he will be releasing a new part if his story each week until the full mixtape is released.
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