cunabear: "Regal / Unruly / Crown" [Album Stream]

Coming off of a winter season where he purposefully slowed pace, cunabear spent much time focusing on his local surroundings. Building more intimate ties with the other musicians in the Savannah, GA community became a focal point after returning from the "Ursine Valor Tour" in Spring of 2018, and to build anything with others requires that people come together to look at what collective materials they have, and assess their options critically.

On "Regal / Unruly / Crown", cunabear attempts to critically assess his position in the world of musicians both global and local through rhyming, singing, & screaming over dark yet colorful, bass heavy instrumentals. Topics from the gentrification of southern cities to his own personal struggles to define what exactly he wants his music to do send BearTooth Collective's cunabear on a musical journey. Review soon come.