A.C. The Entity - Power of the Mind (Album Stream)

On Power of the Mind, A.C. The Entity details persevering through depression, being self-aware, focusing his energy, practicing patience, unlocking unknown power, breaking through, all while maintaining a nice & smooth presence on the mic through his delivery that reminds me of a Sadat X. The story of how this project came together is attached below.
Everybody’s Hip-hop Label reached out to A.C. The Entity to do a tribute to Goodie Mob. The chemistry was felt instantly. MC Till then sent a few beats to A.C. A.C. sent a few songs back to MC Till. A few more rounds and “Power of the Mind” was born. A.C.’s delivery is reminiscent of a hyper Posdnous (De La Soul) while MC Till’s production is straight up boom-bap with a touch of jazz and soul. As Canadian MC, Haz, puts it “Very dope, De La vibe.” 


  1. Thank you so much for checking out the project and posting it. Means a lot to me and to AC!


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