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Greg Watson (A.K.A) Years From Now is an emerging London Based Producer who’s signature mix of acoustic and electronic elements creates a fresh new blend between Jazz, Hip-Hop and EDM.
With the success of his debut EP, Jazz Hands Vol. 1, on Spotify, the standard is set high for the anticipated follow up, Jazz Hands vol. 2. 

Since receiving critical acclaim for their debut LP Good Luck With That, an album which was praised for the duo’s classic east coast touch, and secured a spot on Bandcamp’s 10 Best New Hip Hop Releases of 2017, Career Crooks (producer Small Professor and rapper Zilla Rocca) are back to prove that no idea is original. The two have kept busy throughout 2017, not only performing alongside Busdriver, Billy Woods, Quelle Chris, Elucid, and B Dolan, and releasing their LP, but also gearing up for their new air tight collection of remixes, titled Thieving As Long As I'm Breathing

The new single "Crook With a Deal", is a reworking of the 50 Cent and Mad Rapper classic "How to Rob", targeting indie rappers like Open Mike Eagle and Run The Jewels. The album also features five in-house remixes from Small Pro and Zilla Rocca, draped in styles inspired by the likes of DITC and the Beastie Boys. Canadian MPC champ FreshKils also makes an appearance and flips the fan favorite "Steve Martin" into a soundtrack for a car chase outside a Chemical Brothers show. Other remix features include DJ Manipulator, Willy, Shane Great, Rolled Gold Beats, and John Morrison 

The twelve track LP moves as fast as a cat with its tail on fire and maintains its own vibe while paying homage to that which has come before it. The group’s primary sound encompasses “…raw ‘90s flows while still maintaining a modern edge" (Philip Mylnar,  

Thieving As Long As I’m Breathing is set for release on June 13th 2018 via URBNET, and will be available for pre-order through the URBNET shop on Friday May 18th 2018. 

Hailing from the South Bronx by way of the North Carolina, 15-year-old emcee, Elijah The Young Prophit (born Elijah Pacheco) started earning his stripes in the rap game early on, showcasing both his lyrical prowess and his hunger to make sure he’s respectfully putting in his 10,000 hours.

His latest offering, “Letter 2 Trump,” draws from today’s tremulous political climate under Donald Trump’s command, all while doubling as an insightful and inspiring anthem directed at the youth, instead of solely at the corrupt powers that be. An intelligible interpretation of today’s seemingly increasingly grim state of affairs, Elijah turns his anger and frustrations into affirmative fuel, tactfully displaying wisdom well beyond his years, and using the single as a direct path to positively influence the next generation. 

Rise of ATLantis goes in great detail about my upbringing in the city of Atlanta, pinpoints situations that helped shape my perspectives of the world. This project is very personal and draws direct inspiration from albums like OutKast's 'ATLiens,' Goodie Mob's 'Soul Food', and T.I.'s debut 'I'm Serious.' Although the sound may differ, the urgency as a young man trying desperately to be heard and taken seriously as an Atlanta lyricist is felt immediately. 

 - J. Nolan  

This song is an “insight” on my life, my way of think and what I’ve been facing as an artist day in and day out. The cinematography and quality matches the mood of the song. 


Independent Hip Hop artist Nomad Carlos makes a phone call in his latest video to find out the happenings Back Home. Currently based in New York, he touches base with fellow member of The Council, Five Steez, out in their stomping grounds of Kingston, Jamaica.
Directed and edited by David ‘Enco’ DaCosta, the music video’s grainy feel complements the eerie sound crafted by producer, Sosa. Carlos and Steez go back and forth, discussing new developments and sniffing out a snake in their circle.
Back Home is featured on The Nomad Carlos Project which was released in early April.  


 Bristling with new music in 2018, Ciej manifests a new progressive reality through creativity. His new single and video "helios angels yo + company" examines finances and his state of self-sustainability with video artist Louis Quatorze critiquing the American obsession with wealth as value, offering creativity as the new currency.

Los Angeles emcee Pawz One teams up with Dutch producer Robin Da Landlord to release their new album “Sell Me A Dream: Flowstalgia”. With a collaborative mix of sharp rhymes schemes and gritty drums, Pawz One and Robin Da Landlord are here to counter the trends on "Sell Me A Dream".

After meeting on tour in Europe, Pawz One and Robin Da Landlord began working on their first single “It’s Like That”. Both the single and video were well received and the two went back to work on a full project. Their efforts blend creating a sound reminiscent of an era when style and substance were supreme.

The album is entirely produced by Robin Da Landlord and includes guest features by Prince Po of Organized Konfusion, MED and VegaMonster

 South Carolina’s Mantiz decided to hop on Ella Mai’s hit single “Boo’d Up” and create his own rendition over the instrumental. Mantiz is already known for his witty lyricism, and this one proves he can hop on any style record and impress. He takes the hit record, and makes it his own, speaking on his recent engagement to his long-time girlfriend, and the ups and downs of their relationship. Mantiz is well polished, and ready to go, and will never disappoint.

 Check out his latest offering up top, and stay tuned for more to come. “The New Bo Jack” is on the way later this year.

Rapper 24Heavy recently released the video for his song "Safe Mode" featuring Quality Control's Kollision, which is taken from his mixtape Heavy World. It's been well documented that Atlanta is known for breaking new artists. Despite breaking a new act every year, the machine keeps churning out new acts that set trends across the world of Hip-Hop. Enter rapper 24Heavy who has watched the scenes in ATL change over the course of his life and was highly influenced by the Hip-Hop culture thriving in his back yard while growing up in West Side Vine City AKA the The Bluff. In fact, 24Heavy grew up hanging around YFN Lucci, Ralo, Joe Gifted, Young Scooter, Nick Grant, and 21 Savage as a youth and still remembers recording some of his early material over at YFN Lucci's house. Now following a 6-year legal set back, 24Heavy is keeping the music coming with the release of his first mixtape entitled Heavy World. Making moves under the umbrella of Atlanta’s rising independent label Never Eat Alone Entertainment, 24Heavy started building his buzz with the release of his single “Sacrifices” which started gaining traction in the streets of Atlanta. The single features heavy 808s and trap drums and was inspired by personal life situations. “My music word for word is what happened in my personal life,” 24Heavy said. "I would say I'm an artist who is able to express myself through my music and I share the pain and real life situations I've been through.

The second single from Funkonami’s upcoming "Low Fidelity Whisperer" album. Enjoy this smooth jazz vibe instrumental hip-hop beat! 

 Parkway is a polished artist out of Virginia with a unique take on rap in 2018. Whereas the common melodic style of rap seems to take precedence, Parkway’s slow, calculating delivery stands out with ease. His new track “All In My Head” doubles down on his established style, utilizing a smooth flow that’ll hypnotize listeners with its stylish flair. The visual for the video echoed the same, out of the ordinary aesthetic.

STP Los is here to put Gwinnett County on the map. It's known as the Nawf Atlanta to some it's North of Atlanta. Straight shot up 85 North. STP Los project "Big Nawf" has his side of town in a frenzy. Much support is coming in for STP Los. Right now he's like a face for his side of town. This project is basically his life on wax. As the Nawf gains attention. STP Los wants the world to know the history of the Nawf.

 Check it out below.