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60 East and Phil The Pain are back with another Music Video from their collaborative project "The Freeway Series Vol.2".  Since 2018 sparked the legalization of recreational Marijuana in California, 60 and Phil decided to drop "Smoke One", a song guaranteed to get added to your smokers playlist. Make sure to catch 60 East on Tour in Australia this April with Termanology. 

In Life we all go through personalized struggle that mold and craft who we are. Sometimes while in the midst of the journey we find ourselves doing things we never thought we would perhaps even stupid/silly/absurd. These types of things happen alot, but Swurvie such a NON-RELIGOUS type

Young Swurve saint louis native, with grassroot intentions to take the game by storm through energy tenacity originality follow by faith in his abilities

In the video for Omarki Rū’s “Bet,” the rapper, singer, and songwriter takes viewers to a place he once called home. Here, he gives viewers a cleancut, intimate visual for his newest single.“Bet” marks a significant milestone in the artist’s journey. The visual serves as his debut appearance to the world, allowing viewers a brief glance into Omarki Rū. It features a chain smoking scene atop a New York City roof, symbolic of the anxiety and depression that often plagues our youth. '

Rū took the task of editing himself, but his videographer behind the visual is David Zabriskie. Zabriskie has also worked with newer industry names like Lil Wop and Trippie Redd as well as in collaboration with the ASAP Mob affiliated AWGE.

 Stay tuned for upcoming single releases by Omarki Rū all leading up to the debut of his three part project "Bipolar Sailor" set for Summer 2018.


LiL Red was born in NY and raised in New Jersey. He has been rapping for over 10 years but has only been pushing his music for the last year. With his latest single “Clout” currently available on all streaming platforms, and his upcoming EP “Plow That Clout” coming soon, LiL Red's release is the product of a mind frame, time period, and sound, which is intricately explored and mined for its contradictory elements.

 LiL Red continues to sharpen his narrative skills, becoming increasingly more adept at showing us every angle of his conscious without muddling the picture. He rarely wastes his time on full linear stories, instead opting for a gallery of vivid snapshots, using his seesawing delivery to convince you.

Rare Sound artist and one of Atlanta's most promising new talents True Story Gee is back on the scene with an incredible 8-track project titled Trap For Her. This new body of work, which includes features from K Camp and K-Major, serves as Gee's follow-up to his 2017 debut project Shannon's Boy.

 Gee also saw success at the end of 2017 with his single "Open Yo Eyes," which was featured on K Camp's Slum Lords 2 mixtape. Since it's release, the song itself is near 1 million plays on YouTube, giving Gee some well-deserved notoriety within the Rare Sound camp, and beyond. Focused on making music with a message, Gee approaches the love holiday with a body of work that has something for everyone.

 From the title, to the art work, to each and every song, True Story Gee delivered the full package with Trap For Her. Enjoy the full body of work and be sure to follow Gee on all platforms!

Chicago-based alternative R&B artist Apache Grosse’s debut music video, “Brooklyn Girl” tells the story of moving from a small town to New York City to pursue a career in modeling.

The story is not unlike Grosse’s real life story, as the singer-songwriter moved from Phoenix, Arizona to Chicago, and after a couple of career risks, he followed his dream of being musician.

“Growing up (in Phoenix) I felt like I didn’t belong, like my mind worked differently than the people around me,” Grosse said. “There was sports, gangs, a movie theater, which I spent a lot of time at with my parents. After college I moved downtown and that was more my speed, but I still wanted to move to New York or L.A. to pursue music.”

He said moved to Chicago after he was recruited by a marketing company, which was “the best accident in my life.” Like most transplants who move to a new city, Grosse struggled at first to find his niche within Chicago’s expansive music scene. His focus on music greatly increased after he left his job after being offered a promotion and quit to backpack through Europe and Asia.

“I spent 3 months on the road doing nothing but traveling from London to Japan playing music for people I didn’t know,” he said. “By the time I reached Tokyo, I knew that music was going to be my life. I spent a couple weeks in this hostel in the Chiyoda district researching everything I could about the music industry. I then flew back to Chicago to start my career as Apache Grosse.”

Grosse and Salvator Cordova produced “Brooklyn Girl,” which has the feeling of House of Balloons era The Weeknd. The video co-stars Selena Sofia and was filmed and produced by Pogi Studios. Apache Grosse recently chatted with OK-Tho for the premiere of the cinematic music video.

OK-Tho: You threw a video premiere party a few days ago, how did that go? 

Apache Grosse: It was a dream come true. We had a massive turnout and enough people got drunk to know it was a good time. For the most part it was a big party, but we did throw in some performances before we screened the video. I performed a couple of songs, along with my co-producer Salvator Cordova and Selena Sofia, the star of the video. These two people helped me create this video and I knew they were both great musicians and I thought it was important for people to see that. One of the most unreal experiences for me was after the video was over we gave out free cds as a thank you. I had about 10 people come up and ask me If I could sign them. It was a dream come true.

OK-Tho: The video for “Brooklyn Girl” is pretty cinematic looking. Who all worked on this with you, and how did you end up collaborating with them? 

AG: If you have ever worked with me you know one thing, I am overly critical and strive to create the art that I believe holds a certain level of originality and quality. Luckily for me I had the perfect team that felt the same way. The video was shot by Pogi Studios a local film company here in Chicago and close collaborators of mine. One of the owners, Brian Almalvez, help me early on my road to becoming a musician. We met at the company I worked for and connected over out love of art. After learning he was a videographer I offered to buy him a plane ticket to Arizona to come out and shoot a series of videos. He accepted and after that we became close friends.

When we decided we were going to attempt to shoot a full length music video I knew I had the right partner. This was our both of our first attempts at shooting a music video. It took weeks of planning, five days of shooting, a 13 hour road trip to New York and four months of editing. We both almost lost our minds and killed each other. But because of our friendship and chemistry we were able to complete the project. Also among Pogi was JP Quandara (Brian’s business partner), Cain Camacho our cinematographer and Brian Casallo our color grader. Sal also created the soundscape at the beginning of the film.

OK-Tho: Can you expand a little bit about the story/narrative of the video? 

AG: The Story of “Brooklyn Girl” is about a young woman who moves to New York City from her small town in pursuit of a more exciting life as a model in the big city. As the rush of New York and the fast lifestyle consume her and she starts to follow a path of vanity. Life becomes more and more exciting and the way people perceive her starts to change as she becomes more successful and famous. But the danger in vanity is it has a way a creating a false sense of value and fulfillment. And as vanity overtakes her she begins to forget all the small joys that her old life brought and when the time comes the vanity abandons her she’s left feeling empty and displaced. At this moment she is faced with the decision to head back home and try to reclaim the happiness that she once felt, or to continue to pursue her dream of becoming a supermodel and succumbing to the challenges and cost vanity would demand.

To me, “Brooklyn Girl” is a cautionary tale. Even though the main character is a female and I play the character of vanity in a way this film was a warning to myself. I wrote the song when I was visiting a friend in Brooklyn. I saw what his life had become trying to pursue a life as a model in the big city and it reminded me of my pursuits as a musician. I understand that this road is going to be filled with sacrifices and distractions. I’ve made my choice with what I wanna do with my life I just hope the sacrifices I make along the way are for the right reasons that I don’t get lost in a world of false vanity like so many other artist I’ve known.

OK-Tho: You also wrote the script to the video. Is this the first time you’ve done writing for a film or video? 

AG: Outside of the early videos I shot in Arizona, which were brainstormed under the effects of a lot of weed this was my first time writing the story and script for a film. When I write songs I create the full story in picture in my head and on paper. So even before I wrote the script for the film I already knew what the film would be I just had to figure to the exact imagery that would tell it. Luckily I was working with Pogi. When writing the story out we sat down at my kitchen table and then helped me time stamp all of the scenes and helped me understand visually what was and was not possible. Every time I work with Pogi they are extremely organized and effective. Brian was the one who actually taught me how to put together mood boards and pre-production briefs. After the script we moved on to casting and logistics.

 OK-Tho: What is the significance behind the yellow eyes in the video? 

AG: I didn’t want people to get confused with my character. The last thing I wanted was for my audience to think that I was just a man controlling a woman. I play the role of ‘Vanity’ and the glowing eyes help the viewer think deeper about what my character represents.

OK-Tho: At the moment, “Brooklyn Girl” is the only song you have online, will you be releasing more singles or a project soon? 

AG: Eight months ago I started working with an amazing manager by the name of Benjamin Levine, whom I know you’re familiar with. I’m extremely excited to see what this year looks like. I write songs and produce songs every day with the collection expanding. I’m extremely critical when it comes to the standards of my art. My goal is to continue to refine, expand my audience, and release material that I believe reflects where I’m at. You should expect a new single for me in the next couple of months.

Photo Credit: Katie Levine

Watzreal has been building a name for himself in the Bay Area for years, racking up several impressive independent hip-hop tours and working with some of the greatest California rappers of all time. Through all of that professional growth and community building, Watzreal hasn't ever been shy to continue evolving, exploring, and growing his music's sound. On his latest single "Look Your Way" ft. Cash Campaign, Watzreal rides a lush, organic, soulful beat that provides the perfect canvas for another leap in the Bay Area native's artistry.
As the song progresses, Watzreal flexes a velvety flow that's one of his grooviest to date, bouncing around the beat's soulful chords with an old-school sensibility that's helped grow his indie fanbase. The track's arrangement and production shine throughout consistently, with a beat-change that's as vintage as it is refreshing and a heartfelt chorus from Cash Campaign that helps solidify the retro appeal of "Look Your Way."

A perfect Valentine's day jam for every doting lover and soulful California hip-hop fan, "Look Your Way" is another step forward musically for one of the hardest working rappers in the San Francisco Bay Area. With a new album on the way and lots more soulful growth in his future, now's the time to follow Watzreal and tune in for more heartfelt vintage vibes.

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The San Francisco Bay Area has long been recognized as a hotbed for original, unique, trend-setting independent hip-hop. But the Bay's largest city, and the tenth largest city in the nation, rarely gets the shine it deserves as a beacon of creativity and important contributor to the California rap scene. With his new single and video "DFW," San Jose's ZIGGY aims to change all that, and bring the Zae the respect it's earned as a future major player in both commercial and underground hip-hop internationally.

As his first drop since appearing on one of the Bay Areay's biggest songs of 2017, Philthy Rich's "Right Now" with SOB x RBE, "DFW" represents a huge new step in Ziggy's rise to California hip-hop royalty. Cisco handles the production, bringing the same swagger and style that have made him a favorite of Bay rap heavy hitters Rexx Life Raj, Rich Rocka, RBC Bugzy, City Shawn and others. Add in a freshly minted distribution partnership with Empire, and "DFW" is sure to push the young San Jose king to new heights.

Leaning heavily on the familiar sunshine, new whip, and pretty woman imagery that's become iconic in West Coast visuals, "DFW" has a Californian glow that's at once nostalgic and as vibrant as the Golden state. The inclusion of neighborhood markets and San Jose residential streets as a backdrop for Ziggy's glow-up is an important authentic touch, grounding the rising rapper's aesthetic in the colors and people of the home town.

A post shared by ZIGGY (@simplyziggy) on
Sonically, "DFW" has all the necessary elements of a bonafied Bay Area banger, with a bouncy beat dominated by crisp claps and old-school West Coast inspired top synths. There are style elements here of some of California's largest buzzing acts; YG, Mozzy, and HBK lovers will all find things to love immediately in "DFW's" catchy melodies and accessible rhymes. But the swag and polish on "DFW" is all ZIGGY, nothing about this drop feels overly tributary or far-removed from San Jose and the upbeat, charismatic, everyday brilliance that has cemented ZIGGY as one of the Bay's most exciting acts to follow.

With an album coming soon and a ton of high-quality content in the pipeline, there's no better time to catch up with the Zae's newest star. Follow ZIGGY below, and don't blink, or you might miss the destined break-out of a future trendsetter and California king.

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Taking the direction and the experience from various culture and musicians around the world, Singer-songwriter Adam Idris has released his supreme! Love Reincarnation EP. Adam Idris’s previously released a series of music singles including: A bit more, that’s my baby, count on me, power hungry and break through, but this is the first ever ep being released of Adams of this sobriquet.

 Having been featured in household magazines and blogs such as Flavourmag and essentially pop. Adam Idris fanbase has been growing consistently over the last couple of months onwards.

 ‘Love Reincarnation’ comprises three songs, ‘Private Play’, ‘Oh La La’, and ‘I Feel Alone’. Adam’s inspiration comes from many various factors: one song is based on relationships – falling in love and rekindling love; another is about finding your path, loneliness, while the third is about family, and how money means nothing without those closest to you.

 Love Reincarnation EP.

Portland hip-hop artist Al-One returns with the second single "G.T.F.O." from his upcoming album Back 2 The Northwest dropping this Valentine's Day 2/14! Connecting with the world famous Cunninlynguists DJ and producer DJ Flip Flop, Al also taps NW veteran Pele Won for a fire guest appearance. Trading bars back and forth over the industrial sounding production, Al and Pele Won complement each other's style perfectly showing natural chemistry from the first verse.

 Following up his lead single "Unstoppable" featuring Killer Reese of King Fantastic and produced by Hippie Sabotage, the soundscape of Al-One's new project is starting to take form. Led by hard-hitting lyricism, the Portland native and North West rap veteran calls on a diverse crew of collaborators including multiple beats and a feature from Oakland/PDX's TOPE, the R&B sounds of Joyaa Marie and Lovely, plus verses from KP, Phade, Brown Caesar, Big Saages, and many more. 

Dropping on Valentine's Day, Back 2 The Northwest is a diverse project from beginning to end with replay value that could last well into the summer of 2018. Be sure to stream "G.T.F.O." featuring Pele Won, produced by DJ Flip Flop below as well as last week's release "Unstoppable" and be on the lookout for Back 2 The Northwest dropping Wednesday, February 14th. Also, mark your calendars for Al-One's upcoming appearance on an episode of Welcome To The Neighborhood with DJ Klyph on PDX's X-Ray FM February 10th at 9PM!

Atlanta's KING J recently shared his debut EP, My Favorite Things, and now returns with the official music video for his Meltycanon-produced single, "Interracial Dating." With a unique Southern style, reminiscent to T.I., Outkast, and Gucci Mane, KING J hopes to spark conversations with this latest visual. "Interracial Dating" is an up-tempo record that features artists RobOlu and Jade who are also from KING J's hometown of Atlanta, Georgia. The single was inspired by a rather personal story of KING J's relationship with his girlfriend Priya and the complexity that many interracial couples face today. “When I was making this song I was on the internet looking for beats and I was trying to find beats from Father's producer, Meltycanon. Meltycanon produced 'Heartthrob' by Father and I really fucked with the percussion. I went to his site and found the beat to 'Interracial Dating'...I knew I wanted to talk about me and my girlfriend 'cause we were doing long distance at the time and I always wanted to capture the uniqueness of my life even though I’m jus a regular dude rappin, so I decided to highlight interracial dating and flex that part of my life,” KING J shares. Watch the @VisualKeyitnam-directed, "Interracial Dating" music video below.

After releasing radio hit "Party and Kick it" Quron Payne keeps the buzz going and drops off an all new visual for his ladies anthem "You're A Star". With 7 figure+ stream count and no sign of slowing down, Quron Payne is looking to show us all he is here to stay. In the latest visual Quron shows his date a good time in the heart of Milwaukee. Showcasing that chivalry isn't dead, he is opening doors, holding hands, and most importantly giving all of his attention to his woman. What starts off as a causal encounter ends up being much more of a cute adventure. Fun in a diner, Roof top confessions and a walks in the park seems like a good time. Let us know what you think and leave a comment below.

Atlanta rising superstar T-Hood releases his "Fuck Love" visual. The video will catch your eye from the neon glow in the dark vibe. T-Hood takes it to the streets to eating a classy dinner with a special woman. Overall T-Hood is showing his mind state is on fuck love. T-Hood is really focused and 2018 is looking bright for him and his MAFIA movement ripping through the city of Atlanta .