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"This is the 1st single of my upcoming album "3RTYS" produced entirely by Rey Resurreccion" 

- Dirtbag Dan 

Available on iTunes/Spotify/etc.


Music video directed by Moist Mob(dudes who shoot BOTZ Battles & The Dirtbag Dan Show).

Chuuwee releases the video for "The Code" from the new album "PassOver" entirely produced by Khalisol.

FREEWIFI, a hip-hop collective from Minnesota, has been pushing out hits since their formation in 2016. Consisting of members J. Plaza, Daddy Dinero, and Tha Rift, the group was first created by producer Angelo Bombay when working on a single for Tha Rift. Now united, the group has been unstoppable and have opened up for Gucci Mane, Wiz Khalifa, Lil Xan, and many others. In February of 2018 their first album, titled ‘Connected’, was released with Rostrum Records. Having garnered hundreds of thousands of views and plays throughout all of their creations, the release of single “Took Off” was no different than the others in the sense that it was quickly a successful hit.

“Took Off” opens up to a mysterious beat, one that really gets a dope vibe going. Daddy Dinero cuts in for the chorus to pick up the pace, a series of lines that jump-start the rest of the song. He then continues with a hot verse that features some insanely clever lyrics, following that verse with a second chorus. Tha Rift and J. Plaza then come in for dual verse, both spitting equally awesome bars. Dinero returns with some phenomenal vocals to end the 3-minute hit that has received thousands of views and recognition from rappers, radio stations, and fans alike. A very synthesized piece, “Took Off” is the perfect song for partying in the club, vibing in the car, or just chilling out.

"People always say that you never get a second chance to make a first impression, so make it count. After 2 years of releasing freestyle compilations on Soundcloud over some of the hottest beats in the industry from “Magnolia” to “Nas Album Done”, a 20-year-old MC named Richie Buz from Milwaukee Wisconsin, decided to finally stamp his name in the music industry, synchronizing his penchant for word manipulation, with lush, soulful, and jazzy minimalistic sounds curated by a Portuguese producer by the name of P-Type (who met the rapper through Soundcloud), culminating in the debut EP North Side Legend; a story of being black in Milwaukee. 
Richie Buz (real name: Richard Nwabuzor) is a young man who has witnessed much in a short period of time (20 years). Raised in a middle-class neighborhood as the youngest child of three to two Nigerian immigrants, on the North Side of the most segregated city in the United States; Milwaukee Wisconsin, Buz was privy to the social and economic injustices that plagued minorities in America. His college education as a Political Science & Sociology major at Marquette University and his 2017 fall internship in Capitol Hill, has also broadened his horizon as to why these problems exist and how they can be rectified, separating him from the “textbook” conscious rappers and “armchair” activists. As a self-professed radical, Buz is willing to attack and criticize any all institutions or “members of the establishment”, not just Donald Trump, but figures that are favorable to the public also. A lifelong fan of Hip-Hop, and a self-proclaimed “disciple” of luminaries such as Nas and 2Pac, starting at the age of 12 after watching the 2010 BET Cyphers, rap became more than just a tool of self-expression for Buz, it was a vehicle for social change
North Side Legend intends to be a monumental EP within the landscape of Hip-Hop in 2018. In it is a journey of a young man who is finding himself, in a world that is not designed for people like him, while verbalizing the plight of those rendered obsolete by society, while providing knowledge and insight to those not afforded the opportunities, that he was able to receive. Drawing from his influences, this EP seeks to meld the introspection of 4:44, the storytelling of Illmatic, and the world-building of Good Kid M.a.a.d. City, to deliver to the world a radical message that pushes the envelope. " 

When San Jose's ZIGGY dropped his banger "DFW" last month, we were hyped on the the track's bouncy, commercially friendly, hit-bound aesthetic. But with his most recent drop "Emotional," ZIGGY has us even more excited for the future of San Jose's buzzing rap scene: with a slowed down, jazzy, boom-bap inspired feel, "Emotional" proves again that Bay Area rap can't be pigeonholed into one sound or movement.

As the first single off the upcoming album, KHAKIS, which is produced entirely by KRIKIT BOI, "Emotional'" shows a whole new side of ZIGGY. The two San Jose natives show a lot of chemistry on the 9-track project, and "EMOTIONAL" is a prime example of what to expect. KHAKIS is set to drop April 6th on all digital outlets via EMPIRE, and ZIGGY will also appear on J. Stalin's Avatar LP which drops on March 23rd, and on Philthy Rich's upcoming NERNL 4 project which drops on May 25th.

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Chicago rapper Cmoneywave has returned with his first single of 2018, "Back Up."

"Back Up" is a stream-of-conscious, motivational cut with a silky smooth beat (produced by No30 Beats) that highlights Cmoney's sharp, in-the-pocket flows.

In 2017, C$ built some hype for himself by releasing his #PROJECTWAVE mixtape, which featured him rapping over well-known instrumentals.

He is prepping a new project that is set to be released sometime in 2018. Until then, stream Cmoneywave's new single "Back Up" below.

Photo Credit: Julien Carr

For week 3 for UllNevaNo and MANHE #shammgodweds series, the Baltimore emcee brings to the masses "fight klub pool table," on this particular record neva pays homage to a culture that made him who he is as artist today, and that's battle rap. Even though he hasn't battled since 2010 he still loves the sport and tuning into leagues such as kotd, and url. Throughout MANHE's boom bap aesthetic neva schemes and cleverly makes some battle rap references, from popular url events and mixing up clever wordplay and name flips, this should be a lyrical art piece for whomever is fan of bars and appreciates penmanship will thoroughly enjoy.  

Angelo Bombay, who was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, has been consistently producing hard beats. Currently residing in Los Angeles, he has focused on music for his whole life. Bombay prides himself on his ability to dive into any genre while still keeping a specific focus on hip-hop, EDM, and R&B. Since 2016, Bombay has produced music for some of rap’s biggest rising names. His list of clients includes FREEWIFI, Nick Travae, Don Krez, Yung Simmie, Ashley All Day, Agoff, $teven Cannon, and many others. It’ll be no surprise to anybody when Bombay is one of music’s most renowned producers, considering his track record so far is phenomenal.

Bombay teamed up with FREEWIFI member Tha Rift, Lyric Marid, Lavish Mack, and Soda Supreme to create one of the best new songs of 2018. “Run Up Count Up” opens up to a fast yet mellow beat, and is sparked by a head-nodding chorus from Tha Rift. Lyric Marid then spits a hard verse, and it’s one to remember. The melodic but uptempo beat flows so smoothly and is paced perfectly with the remainder of the song, which includes some trap-like vocals from Lavish Mack. As the song approaches its final minute, Soda Supreme really sets everything on fire with his final verse. Winding down with one final chorus, “Run Up Count Up” is certainly one to be played on repeat.