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Taiyamo Denku and Conway The Machine are all about being real and saying no to corny gimmicks. They share what that mindset is made up of over a soulfully charged Dcypha instrumental.


Taiyamo Denku is prepping the release of his forthcoming album, “No Industry Standard”, that features guest such as Lil Kim, Chino XL, KRS One and many more. For the lead off single, the Milwaukee Monsta teams up with Griselda Records front runner Conway The Machine for the eye opening “Be Who You Are”. Aimed to wake up listeners mentally, the two emcees drive an important message to the masses’ ear lobes. That memorandum is to “Be Who You Are”, nothing more or less.

Conway kicks the record off by detailing felonious tactics and imagery of true life living from within the streets. The lifestyle found in the lyricism is something the shooting survivor has a first person account of fully “Drive by spraying hecklers / the game’s mine now, go relay the message / I give the word, youngins on your block making messes / I got the call it was finished before I ate my breakfast”

Denku approaches his verse from an introspective outlook. He speaks about painkillers, misguided rappers and the starving artist’s plight to achieving success in the industry. His mixes these subjects with his rhyme battle background for some sick wordplay. “Won’t change my tone, I was born in the shade / I’m bout to do what I love, not just getting paid / Every record gets slayed, the dragon needs taming / depart the dirty truth or I’m telling Matt Damon”

Overall, “Be Who You Are” combines all the proven elements of a true Hip Hop song; truthful lyrics, concentrated energy and a rugged beat. Check it out above and stay tuned for more releases from “No Industry Standard”. The visual for the Beatnuts produced “Stand Back” will premiere later this month. Following that, Taiyamo will be debuting the “Fabulous Life” single alongside the Queen Bee, Lil Kim.

Stay updated with everything via Taiyamo Denku’s social media accounts.

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With his release of the entirely Krikrit Boi produced project "Khakis" earlier this month, San Jose based rapper/songwriter ZIGGY is better positioned than ever to break out of the Bay Area Rap scene as the region's next nationally recognized star. And on the single "Emotional," ZIGGY proves that he's far from a one-dimensional, Bay Rap tribute paying hyphy artist or commercially viable future Billboard darling.

When we premiered "Emotional" we were blown away by the track's depth and subtle complexity, both musically with Krikrit Boi's masterful production and lyrically with ZIGGY's smooth nuanced lyricism. And the video treatment for the single adds another layer of melancholy and depth, showcasing a very different side of San Jose and ZIGGY from the glamorous celebratory vibes we caught on "DFW." Give "Emotional" a few spins, and dive into the rest of "Khakis," and you'll see why our money's on ZIGGY to put San Jose hip-hop on the map.

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 After releasing his new album You-Topia , California Alternative artist T.K. Other Realm debuts new video "Inferno". As a more spiritual and conscious musician, T.K. has always used his music to relay his messages of wisdom to the masses, and this time, finds a theatrical approach with his latest drop. 

The corner store featured in the video is around the area where T.K. grew up, showing where many defining moments that happened to him. The flames that entice the video are symbolic to the grief and Strife he experienced before he became the enlightened artist he is today. Rob Driscal put a lot of visionary works into directing T.K. Other Realm's "Inferno" music video.

Tune in below to the latest, and keep it locked for more unveiling of T.K.'s recent album, You-Topia.

 Virginia is home to a plethora of talents ranging from backpack rapper, conscious emcees, and those that respect the ever-growing phases of the trap. Emporia's very own Cash Clay is of those who simply knows how to put hot lyrics over dope beats, and make a record work for him in whatever fashion he sees fit.

 His latest release "Find Out" comes in with visual treatment, with direction coming from Rob Grizzly Films, LLC, Check out his latest drop, and stay tuned as the Summer is nearing and Cash Clay is sure to keep new heat coming.

Ok-Tho: Alright we’re at it again, Kamron Bahani, who are you for those who don’t know still?

Kamron Bahani: I'm a hip hop artist representing New York. My purpose in rap is to help those push past a struggle & give them an opportunity to escape reality.

Ok-Tho: Tell me about your 2017, because you were probably one of the more prolific artists from last year?

KB: My 2017 was eventful; I released my debut project, I gained a good amount of fans. More importantly, toward the end of the year, I was more vehement towards reflecting on my music, as well as life in general.

Ok-Tho: You dropped your latest project “Magnum Opus Open” last month, what motivated the album and what caused you to drop the album so close to your debut?

KB: What motivated me to drop the album was a ton of literature. I was reading incessantly because I felt as if I was missing something from life. The pieces were all there to live it happily, but I sought inspiration. If you listen to the project, you'll hear the references pertinent to prolific authors. I also felt as if I had an awakening and really wanted to make the music I wanted to make. I dropped it close to my debut because I'm a big fan of tracking the progression of a musicians artistry. I also wanted to enact a fundamentally different record. It gives the listener a vast array of sounds you possess.

Ok-Tho: On “MOO” you sound more comfortable and more in the pocket, what have you learned since your debut project?

KB: I learned that you gotta do what the f*ck you want; in all honesty, I didn't like my debut project. There's a few moments I'm proud of, but it isn't a project I was proud of. I worked with Teddy Walton, gained some fans, but it didn't contribute towards my personal integrity. I was being a people pleaser. That's not who I am, nor is it who I'll ever want to be again. I primarily learned that you need to engender a sound YOU want, people are fickle. Fans are fickle. But if you do you, you gain a CORE following & that following helps hone you as an individual. Whether its 10 fans or 10,000 fans, you need to rock with the ones who rock with you. F*ck pleasing everyone else. You have to do you out of necessity; it facilitates your path. You feel like making a stupid, dumb-ass, f*ck boy bangers? Do it. You wanna spit some raw s*it? Do it. Whatever you feel in that moment. Just f*cking go for it.


Ok-Tho: Let’s talk about the production a bit, while I do love the beats from “By The River” you really just seem at home over these instrumentals.

KB: Oh yeah, I love the production on this. Contemporary with an old-school twist. Used a lot of them on here but my personal favorites came from Ohini Jonez.

Ok-Tho: When someone is done listening to “Magnum Opus Open” what do you want the listener to walk away with?

KB: Just finishing up listening to a dope album; I want the listener to pick up a pen and start writing. My primary goal is to let people know that boom bap, lyrical hip hop isn't dead.

Ok-Tho: The year isn’t quite over yet, what can we expect from you for the rest of 2018?

KB: I'm working on an EP with Ohini Jonez, set to release in July. Shooting for an album in December. I also have some shows I'm looking forward to. I'm not gonna leave my fans disappointed. Promise you that.

For Shammgod Series Week 7,  the Baltimore and Norfolk, Virginia duo UllNevaNo and MANHE get a bit personal on "Time Wasted".  The production sets a very humbling and haunting tone which allows the emcee to vent out on topics such as being a local rapper at a certain age. Where the standard is it's not even cool to make music at the age of 30 and still be local. This reality frightens any emcee who hasn't made it to the next level, putting that artist in a position of figuring out "do I pursue my passion or focus on a career of punching the clock every day?" If you enjoy well thought out lyrics and story telling this record is definitely for you. 

Returning to the scene after a two year productive hiatus, Minnesota emcee, Garrison Elijaah, drops his latest and greatest EP, ''Not Today, Satan''. The 6 track EP includes a unique variety of all new sounds including the past single, "Fire". Joining the Dreamers Community artist are features from Brandyn Burnette, Emprxss & Romy Nova with production from Keem The Cipher, Jordeaux, Blu Majic Beat Co. and more.

Atlanta rapper/visual artist Swigs McLane presents "My City", the new single from his forthcoming debut solo EP Elevated Mindstate. Produced by illest Beat Maker, "My City" features guest appearances from OG Cutty as well as Lousy Brown, who comprises the other half of Super Lario Bros. alongside Swigs (stream "It's A Long Story" on Soundcloud). Elevated Mindstate will also feature an appearance from Ghostnotes as well as production by Dopeboi, 5AM, Quiet Earp and TheSoulSunBeats. “This project is true to me,” said Swigs. “I grew up on the South Side of Atlanta in College Park. I want my music to speak to the sights, sounds and feel of what I grew up around. This EP is an authentic expression of what that represents.” Elevated Mindstate drops 4/20.

 Listen below.

Detroit may be the place of stardom when it comes to the way Michigan's music scene puts on, but it isn't the only place where rising stars dwell. Ypsilanti, Michigan is home to a rising collective branching out of The Great Lake State who goes by Team 734, and their movement is taking over the demographic. Team 734 member Baby J has been strategic in his solo acts, and re-releases a previous banger to wake up the masses. With his boom bap approach to his sound, Baby J makes it clear why Shade 45 is embracing what Team 734 is putting on. Tune in below for a Baby J hit, "Manigault (The GOAT).

With a personality as big as the state he is from, Houston native Riff Raff is no longer a hidden gem in the rap game. He's gone from the bug-eyed, wiry, electrocuted, freestyle machine to the more brolic, observant father to his huskies. Regardless of his experience and exposure, Riff remains to be one of the most enigmatic, polarizing entertainers of our time. So, although a tad overdue, here are my 15 favorite lines from Riff Raff, a very tough number to narrow it down to. 

Song: "Larry Bird"

Album: Rap Game Bon Jovi
Year: 2012

"More fifteens in my trunk than Marcelle's quinceanera" 

Song: "Ballin' Outta Control"
Album: Single 
Year: 2013

"I hope you have a beautiful family and your label is successful, financially"

Song: "Versace Python"
Album: Neon Icon
Year: 2014

"Tears fall from the castles around my heart"

Song: "Cinnamon Benz"
Album: Single
Year: 2012

"Back in eighth grade I jumped over a group of fifth graders"

Song: "Versace Bentley"
Album: Single
Year: 2012

"I got your girl doing push-ups"

Song: "Tommy Trapezoid"
Album: Single
Year: 2013

"Sippin' syrup at the Catalina Wine Mixer"

Song: "How That Make You Feel?"
Album: Single
Year: 2017

"Moonlight reflects up off the cobblestone, I got pirate blood in my chromosomes"

Song: "Hot Shots Part Duex"
Album: Single
Year: 2012

"You roody poos get abused"

Song: VladTV Freestyle
Year: 2012

"I got the syrup in my soda, same one riding ravioli rollercoaster"

Song: "Cookie Crisp"
Album: Summer of Surf
Year: 2012

"Give me a screwdriver and I can start a jag"

Song: "Yacht Lash"
Album: High Tide
Year: 2013

"Feed your nieces Reese's Pieces while your nephew tie my sneakers"

Song: "Cuz My Gear"
Album: Birth of an Icon
Year: 2012

"Diamonds dancin' on my wrist looking like a blank disk" 

Song: "Aquaberry Dolphin"
Album: Neon Icon
Year: 2014

"I can freestyle to a dolphin and a tambourine" 

Song: "Sleepless in Seattle"
Album: Single
Year: 2012

"I come through with more sacks than Brian Bosworth"

Song: "Bird on a Wire"
Album: Single
Year: 2012

"Security guards with 9 Berettas pulling up Volkswagen Jettas"

Singing about confused feelings over dramatic chords in her new single “Tripped Up” , Toronto based electro-pop singer Neela gives us relatable lyrics with a welcomed edge.  “Tripped Up” is the first release off Neela’s forthcoming EP, Lovers in Danger and it is a late-night dancefloor track with Neela’s lustful and soft vocals heard over a pulsating and penetrative beat.

Listen to the night time romance below and feel it for yourself.

Singer, DJ, and producer Ivan Dorn, popular in the Ukraine and Russia, has teamed up with Billboard and SPIN to premiere new music video for hit track ‘Afrika’ off recently released English-language album OTD. The end goal for the ‘Afrika Project’ is to establish a youth dance and music school in the Masaka region for the local communities. Ivan is working on partnerships with big names such as Adidas, Samsung, and JBL, to help make this goal a reality. The “Afrika” music video, which was released on April 5th, is phase one of the important pursuit that through music and art will bring bigger dreams to a community of children that deserve just that.

Check out the brand new music video below and let us know what you think about those beautiful kids featuring in it!