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Long time hip-hop persona and a legend on the boards, DJ Green Lantern, drops off one of the most head banging, ice-cold, timeless tracks of the year. With some mean production that loops with ease, somewhat reminiscent of the Jay-Z "U Don't Know," also touched by Green Lantern, the two aging emcees are given room to run. They each sound so effortless, yielding a stank-face after nearly every bar. Let's hope for some more similar sounds from any of the artists included on the track, this one might stay in your headphones for a while.

Stay on the look out for Conway's Reject on Steroids.

This one is for all of the hating, bitter ass people in your life. King J speaks to these feelings very effectively, making it clear that he's 'flexing on whoever'. He calls upon Una Angel for some wispy, serenading vocals for the hook, along with a verse from fellow Arsenal member Trap Gawd Evo, who also handled the production. The three come together on the banger like they've been doing it forever.

Be sure to look out for King J's debut project set to be released in July.

Kool G Rap is legend on the mic. If you your favorite emcees are part of the boom bap era of Hip Hop in the 90's, there's a good chance he is one of their favorite rappers. You may not have heard much from Kool G lately, but the man is back with a new track titled "Capitol Hill". It's from his upcoming album "The Return Of The Don" that is set to drop June 2. He has enlisted some fellow New York heavyweights Manolo Rose, Cormega and Sheek Louch to add bars. Manolo Rose takes care of the hook.

The track is laced with gritty street lyrics. The beat, produced by MoSS has a gritty feel as well with dusty drums, painting the perfect backdrop for these New York veterans to get busy.

Listen on Soundcloud.

Written by DJ Sub-T

Also contributing to Hip Hop Authority

Joell Ortiz is a true giant when it comes to emceeing and rhymes. He held his own in the group Slaughterhouse alongside big-time rhymers Joe Budden, Royce Da 5'9" and Crooked I. The Brooklyn wordsmith is back with a new track titled "Rap Millionaire". He's decided to speak on the current state of rap and it's lack of substance. He's preaching to the choir on this one, as I totally agree with this. Joell is about getting respect as a lyricist and not the fame and cashing in. You have to respect an emcee with this outlook. He stays true to the art of lyricism, which can seem lost in today's popular Hip Hop.

Joell displays crazy wordplay as you would expect, going in on these "rap millionaires" and how they operate, with rhymes like:

I'm used to the stories, I get it, Joell I'm busy,
My new record is spinnin so much that it got me dizzy,
And I'm about to hit the road for a minute, I'm on my grizzly,
And I'm barely in your city,
Translation, you a grizzly,
I can't bare hearing you tear me into little pieces on my beat, so bare with me because I'm scared silly,
!llmind was on the production, using smooth jazzy horns with soft drums and claps, creating an organic backdrop for Joell's lyrical assault.

Written by DJ Sub-T

Also contributing to Hip Hop Authority

For week 11 of G.Fisher's weekly Friday #FishFrys series,
he releases "O.G'S" Featuring rising Bronx super-star Haddy Racks, Produced by Music Mystro. 

On "O.Gs" both G.Fisher and Haddy Racks try to describe the disconnect between the "O.Gs" and the "Younger generation" while trying to give us both perspectives. 

Over the dark haunting but head nod inducing grimy Music Mystro produced gem both "O.G" MCs not only give some root causes of the age old dilemma but also try to provide some possible solutions to the problem.

30 year veteran, one of the GOAT that Hip-Hop has to offer, KRS-One, has done it once again and delivered a quality Hip-Hop album. On this review, I only review my favorite tracks, which I have 7 out of 15. I also have 6 other tracks that I like, 1 interlude which I don't really count as a song so it doesn't count for or against the album, and a least favorite track.

KRS demands you respect him and the ancestors on the first track 'Show respect' while also calling out Twitter thugs, and letting you know that you haven't been able to stop him since 1987, and still can't in 2017 and beyond.

On the second track, 'Same shit' The Teacha lets you know that all the evil-doers are the same, just under a different name. He even drops the fact he wrote and recorded this album in a week, he teaches more people than the schools get, and that he's the same as heaven while these wack rappers are the same as hell.

'Out For Fame' is KRS saying he's out for the fame of being a true Hip-Hopper, not the typical get rich quick scheme of today.

Track nine 'You Ain't Got Time' is very politically charged. KRS says 'Politics is a pile of tricks.' and that we got nothing from Obamas presidency but more ignorance and senseless deaths. He reveals he didn't vote in the past election, and that you just don't have time for that bullshit, or bullshit rappers.

'You Like Me' might be my favorite song on the album. The dark vibe is perfect. Here KRS talks about how when he's being completely ignorant, ignorant people like him. On the other hand, when he's talking down on trash 'MC's', talking about uplifting and empowerment, he's too much and a problem.

'Hip-Hop Speaks From Heaven' is saying peace to the fallen soldiers of Hip-Hop throughout the years. It also encourages all of the Hip-Hoppers (especially the black, the youth of the black community) to join in on the true Hip-Hop movement because it's their culture.

The final track I want to talk about is the final track on the album and title track, 'The World is MIND'. Amazing vibe and storytelling about two patients who have different senses working in their favor. The patient who can see but can only hear what's going on in the outside world is jealous of the patient who's bed is next to the window, the jealous patient thinks the patient near the window can see, and asks the patient to tell the jealous patient what he sees. The day that the patient near the window is gone, the jealous patient wants to move to his bed. After he moves there, he realizes that it's just a brick wall and that he had been tricked. The man who could 'see' out of the window was blind the whole time. The lesson is, you create your own reality, the world is mind.

Like Scarface, Raekwon, De La, Tribe, Sadat X, etc. The Teacha has proven that the veterans are not washed up, and are often better than most of what the current generation has to offer.

Rhymes = 4/5

Content = 4/5

Beats = 3.5 to a 3.75/5

Overall = 3.75 to a 4/5.

Video Review on YouTube below.

Discovered this gem "Heartbreak Bounce" from NY artist Rainey on a rainy day and the irony has never been more potent. Rainey takes you on a fluid ride through various tones and emotions, reinforcing his initial message in the hook. Personally, I really enjoy the structure of the song, from the smooth jazzy instrumental that transitions into exactly what Rainey needs to convey his next thought. Good for any weather, check out the single below and vibe.

Astronomic Delight is the first producer album by Propo’88, known from Hip Hop collective Da Shogunz. The album theme style is loosely based on the jazz rock/fusion style of the 70’s in its artwork and sounds, and gives a nostalgic 90’s Hip Hop feel. Astronomic Delight features various underground MC’s and is entirely produced by Propo’88. 

Last year North Carolina hip-hop artist P.A.T. Junior released his acclaimed album in “Learning To Live (In A Day)”. After sharing the stage with Oddisee & Kooley High, P.A.T. Junior is getting set to release some new music in the form of the “Black & Mild” EP. While there isn’t much known about the project as a whole, P.A.T Junior has decided to unleash the single “better days."

Produced by P.A.T Junior himself featuring backing vocals from frequent collaborator Lizzie Casey and RJ Hatton “better days.” finds the artist on the other side of life’s conflict. He takes us through times of unemployment, battling depressio, thoughts of suicide and coming face to face with his fears. P.A.T. doesn’t wallow in these times as the beat and his lyrics exude confidence and triumph. "better days." is a fitting follow-up to everything we heard on "Learning to Live". P.A.T. Junior calls us to face our struggles head on, because regardless of what happens better days are ahead.

Poetik Force takes listeners to the east coast in Brooklyn, New York, with a brand new music video to his latest single, "3FT". Inspired by the city's culture and daily hustle, the visual captures Poeitik Force and Funk Logik taking in the city's vibe and influence of jazz and hip-hop. With a conveying message to staying dedicated despite failures or defeat, Poetik Force reminds listeners to stay inspired because victory may be just a few feet away. The single sets the perfect tone with live horns by Jacob Herring and production by Jelan Abrams. "3FT" is the brand new single from Poetik Force's upcoming album, 3 Feet From Gold, expected to release later this year.

Breez Evahflowin' is back on the scene teaming up with Deep of 2 Hungry Bros. to form Deep Breez. This first release, "Project: Draw", reveals their passion for comics and Breez' career in illustration over an energetic Latin-infused Boom Bap beat, while the flip side ("Hammer") brings you a New York City True School Dream Team of Breez (Stronghold), P.SO the EarthTone King (AOK Collective), Jise One (The Arsonists) and DJ Static over Deep's breakdance-ready production.

Teaming with German label Origu, you can pre-order the new single on 7" vinyl. Limited to just 300 copies, the vinyl single will be released on June 9th.

Both tracks are part the Bring Out Your Dead EP coming out June 23rd on HiPNOTT Records. You can pre-order the EP now via Compact Disc, Cassette, and digital media.

Liberian producer and MC, EL.i.BE, who has has shared the stage with some of Hip Hop’s most well respected performers including Prof, Joelle Ortiz, Slug of Atmosphere, and Brother Ali, drops his new upbeat single "Feelin’ Right'.

Starrlight and Big Huey present the 2nd video of the upcoming album "Vortex Syndrome", set to drop May 6th, with "Broken Nation" produced by Dutch Heavyweight Beats.