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Taking inspiration from the iconic movie Rush Hour, Jordan Garrett & Chow Mane decide to show off their unique chemistry on this quick-fire mixtape. Part of the Forever New Nation Collection, Chow Mane is recently coming off the success if his viral music video ABG and Jordan Garrett is riding the high of his recent Do Not Disturb EP. Part of a new wave of Independent Bay-Area artists, Chow and Jordan connect with the chemistry of a young Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker on their latest EP. Be on the lookout for FIRE visuals from these two as well as plenty of more new music!

DOWNLOAD + SHARE + STREAM - Jordan Garrett + Chow Mane "Rush Hour" below:

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Often portrayed as a romantic, Eso.Xo.Supreme has taken on the role of a scorned lover in his latest work Loveless EP.  Led by "The Loveless (Hitlist)" single, the singer/songwriter is losing trust in his lady companion that no longer seems to prioritize their relationship while he's out grinding for their future. Eso has no choice but to leave her with an ultimatum about where they stand on "Restless Minds."  Despite having more money and women after her decision, the Portland crooner makes it clear in "Broken Wings" that neither can fill the void of his ex-lover's energy. With sounds handled exclusively by rising Toronto producer Bromar, this project is poised to have a record make a major impact due to Eso.Xo.Supreme vulnerability in his penmanship and strength of his auto-tuned vocal performance.

Not only did G Rap and 38 bring it on this collaborative album, but they brought the heavy hitters on the features and production as well. 

Finally got a Griselda project under my belt. Supreme Blientele is Westside Gunn's second studio album. Peep my video review below! 

University of Mississippi student, Chauncey Taylor, aka Chauncey, is making waves far beyond his academic career. A native of Jackson, MS, Taylor has a budding rap career in the works, and a fresh album to show for it. 

At 20 years old, Taylor’s path thus far is a cataclysm of self-drive and fierce persistence to reach his seemingly endless goals. From working at the BET Awards, to hosting radio shows on his campus while simultaneously building his own artistic individuality, it’s apparent that the ‘renaissance man’ title is one that fits with comfort.   

The first solo album from Taylor, ‘First Impressions’ is a 9 track project that dives deep into the inner workings of Taylor’s upbringing, while concurrently bringing prospective radio hits such as ‘Percentage.’ The indefatigable 20 year old has stuck with his roots, and in his words, ‘Just wants to show the world what MS music has to offer’. 

The standout tracks from his freshman album seem to come with tracks like "Percentage," "What You Like (Intro)" + "Crazy." Although each track is impressive for Chauncey’s first professional product, it seems that these three offer the listener the clearest auditory journey of the young artists’ abilities. 

As of recently, Taylor has taken his talents to the Caribbean to shoot a music video for his track, "What You Like (Intro)." Catch the video below: 

Stream the full tape here
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AFOIE, or A Form of Inner Escapism, is that album that Philly-to-ATL emcee and musician O'hene Savant has been building to in the recent days and weeks. The EP, which follows his compilation mix album Savant Syndrome (released yesterday and also available on his Bandcamp page), has all new verses and production, nothing but those raw honest O. Savant lyrics over his firm, cool and soulful music. Sit back, relax with the sounds, and come out a better individual after listening.

Emcee-musician O’hene Savánt blesses us again with another dose of intellectual fire. It’s his new compilation, Savánt Syndrome, featuring freestyle rhymes and traditional beats, a familiar formula but all the better coming from a genius’s hand. What greets the ears is a mix of new verses and a few from the past but most are new and all were unreleased until now. O’hene samples the greats but composes originals as well, and instead of standard length songs, Savánt Syndrome mainly showcases segment-size tracks that achieve impact and influence with concision yet are dense with integrity and substance. All make for another brilliant ride courtesy of the great O’hene Savánt, in anticipation of more to come too…

"Absolutely always down for collaboration especially anybody from Chicago. That's just spreading the sounds and feelings to family members across the town. Chicago artists are always welcome. Of course, any artist is welcome to collaborate. 
I intended for this tape to be released and consumed on its own BUT I also hope for individual artists to sing or rap over these beats if they so choose to. It's not about putting a stake in the ground and saying "This is my work. Listen" but rather to display my work and see if other artists would like to use my beats for their own work as well. The ideas are what last and all I ever need is a credit in the title and it's fine by me. Free and all." 

- Cashius


The ninth studio album from Veteran Hip-Hop Group Jedi Mind Tricks is straight Hip-Hop. 

 Legendary Producer, Fantom of the Beat AKA Hass G of the UMC's, has a resume filled with hits and ties that run deep through the industry.

Last week we posted some new music he had with Hip Hop veteran, Pop Da Brown Hornet, and today we have some new heat by RhymRecka (pronounced Rhyme Recka).

"Autobiography" is nothing short of that Hip Hop sound that we have been missing.

Fantom provides a cinematic backdrop as RhymRcka brings us through his journey coming up in NYC back in the day.

Be Sure to pay attention and follow @FantomMusic and @RhymRcka for new music as its on the way!!

Official Trap Kitchen artist FLIBOIMOE drops his long-awaited and much anticipated new project "The MOE EP" featuring MozzyOMB Peezy, and EJ. Exclusively produced by Mikey Vegaz, The MOE EP catches FLIBOIMOE at the top of his game lyrically. After a number of successful releases including Pop Off ft OMB Peezy nearly 60K streams and two tours with SOBxRBE, Moe is finally ready to deliver the project his fans have been waiting for. To coincide with the release of his new EP, MOE has also launched his official Clothing Brand titled Soccer Ballin. Getting money is the goal and MOE lets people know with the ingenious combination of his Clothing Brand and also release of his new tape The MOE EP, available everywhere music is streamed and also available for sale exclusively through Be sure to tap in with FLIBOIMOE and his career continues to gain momentum in 2018.

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Meager accommodations have produced some of the most resilient, imaginative, and impactful people throughout history. The Pot To Piss In for me is symbolic of basic needs, foundation, humble beginning’s and simplicity. This song was written close to 9 years ago while working on a mixtape with Canadian producer Wyze Intellect. The mix tape never achieved its finished state but we both felt good about the handful of songs we conjured up during the attempt. At the time, I wasn’t label mates with Sivion and Sojourn, just a long time friend and fan. Fast forward and we’re all on the Illect roster while P.T.P.I has kept its freshness in tact for a 2018 release. 

- Ozay Moore 


Beer Money UNLTD's  sparing partners Shinobi Stalin and WordChemist display their love for the greatest fighting game of all time on their "Satsui No Hado" project.  13 Songs of boom bap encompassing all the characters, sounds  and backdrops from the beloved arcade classic.  Features include Eye Q, Tzarizm, and DJ Stranger.  Production is handled by Marz Mello, Temper 3000, SHARP., GatSkan, Soy is Real, Shiobi Stalin, and King Carlow.