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From Richmond, Virginia's north-side comes a heavy voice, raw, unfiltered, with powerful delivery.
People in the city know him as 3waySlim, or simply J Slim. An artist who's been on his grind and making noise since his 2015 project "Premeditation", hosted by Don Cannon.

Since his last body of work, J Slim has been getting things in order personally, and musically whilst unleashing an onslaught of visuals and singles.

With OFF-MVP, Slim continues to give us insight into his mind and life, with his lyrically hefty style and innovative storytelling.

His often greatest asset in his music is his ability to give what some may consider "typical" street/hood stories in a fresh and conceptual way, striking well with many who relate to the struggle and grasp the attention of those unfamiliar.

Slim talks a lot about his story & how his own Morals, Values, and Principles have guided him through his journey out the Richmond dirt.
He bares it all with this EP, and gives us some REAL music in the process.
Scary thing is: These are just the tracks that didn't make his upcoming album, MVP!
This leaves much excitement and anticipation for J Slim and what more he has in store. Until then, stream the EP below!

Genre-bending hip-hop inspired soul artist, |Fritzwa|, releases her video for "Sittin' Pretty," the latest single off of her debut album Avenue A. Premiered by Afropunk who compared her sound to Erykah Badu, "Sittin Pretty" is a poetic, vulnerable glimpse into the isolation and doubt Fritzwa felt after uprooting from her home of NYC to Portland, Oregon.

Emile Vincent Manette is a member of Detroit Hip Hop collective, Clear Soul Forces - formed back in 2007. Describing his sound as a clash between lyrical Soul, Hip Hop and “whatever else I want,” Emile is as versatile as they come on the microphone. With influences rooted in his West Indian heritage, and Hip Hop, Emile embodies everything that can be considered “good music".

For his latest offering, Emile unleashes new visuals for his single, “The Box.” The concoction of drums, horns, and “out of the box” rhymes, make for a refreshing single that stands out in the sea of Trap beats, and superficial lyrics. In the Wayne (o​f Tenshun​ Studios) directed video, follow Emile as he goes through his day living outside the box.  ​

Twitter: @evmsoulbrotha

Brooklyn Black Star and Reflection Eternal emcee Talib Kweli had been teasing his Radio Silence solo album since 2015 (at the most recent) so for it to come a full two years later is just enough time for fans to wait, even with the other projects Kweli's label Javotti Media made in the interim. Relax and exhale because the anticipated album, finally here, passes the hardest critical tests. With that cool, post-2010 Talib Kweli feel (in other words the first impression made after Javotti's inception), Radio Silence is an indie affair of flyness, anthems, calm vocal protest against violence in the streets, love, and guests from the under- and aboveground, all of them, even Waka Flocka and Rick Ross, pulling substance out for this particular artist and occasion. Despite all the wisdom and awareness in the author, the subject matter takes only some risks and not quite seismic, and the production, while prominent, won't have everyone coming back for seconds or thirds. It doesn't match the perfection or near-perfection of Talib Kweli's earliest work, but because it's nicely conscious, free of any major slip-ups and arriving at a time when mainstream rap is lowering its performance-related standards, Radio Silence really can catch on and silence the radio. (3 out of 5 stars)

Lead single “Gold Bars” off of Syracuse’s own Tone Atlas “Water to Wine” EP feat. Tek (Smif & Wessun) and Benny (Griselda).

One of my favorite emcees over the last couple years honestly has been North Carolina artist thedeeepend. I first heard him on P.A.T Junior’s debut album “Learning to Live (In A Day)” on the track “There’s A Cooler Way”. That was enough for me to crave a solo album from him and we finally got it in “Think Good Thoughts”.

“Think Good Thoughts” is thedeeepend’s debut EP and like many other EPs in 2017, he’s showcasing a wide set of talent. First off keep in mind that thedeeepend produced the entire project himself, second the energy on this will have you craving a live set from the NC standout. Thedeeepend covers a multitude of topics and has me excited for the possibility of a full-length album for 2018. Take a listen below and if you need a sampler first you can check out “War, Zone”.

Ok-Tho recently had the pleasure to catch up with R.A.D. (Rude Ass Dyke), a fascinating voice with an awful lot of talent. The Twin City native is loaded with bangers like "Bite", "Irrelevant", "R.A.D. Season", and is currently on the heels of her most recent loosie- "Windex". The track was produced by good friend and beatmaker BooBoo. R.A.D. is on the way to perfecting her melodious delivery while still delivering virtually punchline after punchline. Her vocal presence, pre-packaged ambition, accents of wit and humor, as well as her brazen personality make for an extremely interesting artist to look out for. 

We took the opportunity to get to know a little more of just what R.A.D. is all about:

OK-Tho: First of all where are you from?  

R.A.D.: "I was born in St. Paul, MN, but I’ve been livin' both there and Minneapolis."

OK-Tho: How old are you?

R.A.D.: "19."

OK-Tho: What's the scene like out there? 

R.A.D.: "I swear there’s a lot more talent out here than you’d think, there’s a whole lotta shit that’s bouta' start goin' off in the next couple years." 

OK-Tho: What's your favorite thing about being out there and what's your biggest complaint? 

R.A.D.: "I fuck with all of the different producers out here that got so many different styles too, and there’s a couple rappers I really fuck with. The thing I hate the most is that so many rappers say they from the city and they live in the motherfucking suburbs on some fake poppin' shit. We gotta whoooooole lotta' that out here."

OK-Tho: When did you start rapping and when do you start to take it seriously? 

R.A.D.: "I’ve been rapping since I was like 12, one of the first songs I ever got on was a "Teach Me How to Dougie" remix [laughs]. I started taking it more seriously when I got into high school though, I got into a rap crew with my best friends and we called ourselves Top Rookie [laughs]. Then I leveled up and took it even more seriously when I dropped outta' high school."

OK-Tho: When was that?

R.A.D.: "I dropped out in February of last year."

OK-Tho: Do you have a crew you run with or do you just stay dolo?

R.A.D.: "Ion' really work or chill with anybody but my guy Dro and my closest friend who goes by BooBoo, both of them are gonna be producing tracks on my upcoming project and it’s gonna be bangin'!"

OK-Tho: Who did you bump heavy growing up? 

R.A.D.: "I really fucked with the Thank Me Later era Drake, Danny Brown, Kanye, Kid Cudi, all of that."

OK-Tho: Do you feel like people box you in when they hear your sound? 

R.A.D.: "I feel like people box me in before they even hear my music. Where I’m from there’s way too many people that only try to look dope before they sound dope, so people don’t even wanna give it a chance if you not rockin' some expensive ass clothes. Plus ion' really hear a lot of rappers my age that focus on their lyrics and melodies like I do. I swear if people were actually listening they wouldn’t be able to box me into nothin'. Not trying to say that lyrics the only thing that matter but motherfuckers need to get they bars up!"

OK-Tho: What would you say to the people who are bitter about "mumble rap", or whatever they wanna call it, if you were trying to patch an understanding? 

R.A.D.: "People who talk about mumble rap are jus motherfuckers who only fuck with some music that was made a long time ago and don’t wanna see that shit change which is stupid as fuck. Music isn’t supposed to stay the same over the years, that shit would get boring, that’s why I’m always tryna get on some new shit."

OK-Tho: If R.A.D. looked into a crystal ball what would be the best thing she could see and why?

R.A.D.: "Im bout' to take this shit to the next level and buy my mama a crib just watch me! I know this for a fact cause I got so much dope music in the works it’s gonna make that shit happen I swear."


You Heard it here first, R.A.D.'s got next. Don't Sleep. 

 They say love and R&B are lost arts amongst this generation.. and if you're dreaming of a "Holy Matrimony," well, you can just forget about it. Bay Area crooner Cash Campain is here to set the record straight and let it be known that this stigma doesn't apply to everyone with his brand new music video. Th storyline of "Holy Matrimony" involves a PYT, a live performance that hopefully won her over, and a band that brought the serious vibes for the soundtrack to Campain's new release. The songster grabs his blood brother, rising Bay emcee CALEBORATE to further reiterate the facts: love conquers all. And if miss lady is the one, watching Cash Campaign serenade all over the stage during his performance was as close to putting a ring on her finger than it could get. Let's make singers great again. Tune in up top for the latest, and stay tuned as Cash Campain is only warming up the masses for what more is to come.

Word from The Innovators: We are a Hip Hop group known as The Innovators Music Group, and we are based out of Miami, Fl.  Some of our influences are A Tribe Called Quest, Outkast, and Wu-Tang Clan coupled with our many adventures through life as artists. 

GCM/PRR's Own Killa Kali teams up with his French Connect one PRR's team of producers Grimaz Muzik.

The second single from Von Pea & The Other Guys' highly anticipated upcoming LP is "Wires", which features a stellar verse from Brooklyn MC Skyzoo and Lessondary member Rob Cave (fka Spec Boogie) on the hook.