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(GUEST POST: Words and original photography 
by Sheridan Kowta)

In the months following the release of their debut album, you’d think hip-hop duo Sweatshop & Owl Green would be basking in their success. Instead, their grind hasn’t stopped a beat, and here they are with their sophomore EP just months later. Spring Cleaning II carries forward boom-bap inspired beats from The Whiteboard, with catchy lyrics that are bound to get stuck in your head until their next project drops.

(Fitting juxtaposition, House of Records, Eugene,OR, 6/12/17) 

Before The Whiteboard had time to settle in on Spotify, Sweatshop & Owl Green released another single. “Roger Clemenshit social media, and a notable Thizzler Premiere spot, with crisp visuals and an amusing lyrical narrative mid-July—special guest appearance by frequent feature, Lex Leosis. The head-boppin’ tune comes with some solid advice on what to do when life gives you lemons. Shoutout to Sweatshop Steve’s two cousins for giving the video the layer of angsty antics it needed. These pretty boys from the bay are back to remind you that life is what you make of it, so send it.

While limited to five tracks, the EP doesn’t fail in showcasing all the facets of the dynamic duo’s talent. On the slow and sing-songy track “Goes Down,” Owl Green reminds us that in between bars, he can still carry a tune. The song is one he’s been performing on tour a cappella in bits and pieces. But with the official release of Spring Cleaning II, the full track is digital, downloadable, and for keeps.

("The most high, those guys," House of Records, Eugene, OR, 6/12/17)
On the other end of the track spectrum is “Save Your World.” “Malt is life” is the standing motto, but the second track on the EP calls for a heavy cross fade as it stands out as the most psychedelic track the boys have made yet. Owl Green has this whimsy he illustrates in his choruses. He’s the imaginative lyricist to Sweatshop’s cerebral, hard truths. With a beat that tickles your funny bone, it will make you wiggle your shoulders and your rapper hand jiggle, while your mind clouds with OG’s inky imagery.

(Owl Green belting "Save Your World," House of Records, Eugene, OR, 6/12/17)
Perhaps the most quintessential track on Spring Cleaning II is “Those Guys”: a diptych piece that sums the duo up perfectly. Different in their own rights, but together they make the work complete. OG is entertaining with his synthesis of those guys; then Sweatshop takes hold of his half of the song with the most direct verse on the EP. It’s a high-contrast track, but succeeds in encompassing both of them separately, and simultaneously. Those guys finna make it big.

(Passionate poetics / rapper hands from Sweatshop Steve, House of Records, Eugene, OR, 6/12/17)
Overall, the fresh-faced, old-school inspired duo have done it again: given us chill beats to try and make summer last forever with; while passing along the message to take a step back from life’s chaos, and have some fun.
Sweatshop & Owl Green. Malt is Life.

(Sheridan Kowta is a recent University of Oregon graduate with concurrent degrees in Journalism and International Studies, multifaceted creative, and Eugene based freelance writer and photographer. Currently she is travelling the world and missing her pit bull, but still finds time to write and make wine. Read more of her work and browse her freelance offerings here.) 

Working Title:

No Sleep Til Brooklyn

Main Characters:

Mike D 
Rick Rubin

With all the hype of movies like Straight Outta Compton and All Eyez On Me, I see the necessity of filming one of the most ground breaking Hip Hop acts of the 80s. The Beastie Boys! Now although a film on Run DMC would be best for the Def Jam dynasty, it would be a more controversial biopic for three caucasian New York kids to get into the growing industry of thew new music art form of Hip Hop and become stars. The film would focus on their beginnings of their punk band around 1981/82 to their last years with Def Jam after the release of their acclaimed "License To Ill". Their switch from punk to rap, meeting with Rick Rubin, signing of Def Jam, recording of their debut album, touring, crazy antics they all were known for and more. So.... Lets Make A Movie!!

Ad-Rock / Tye Sheridan

Up and coming stand out actor The Sheridan has been known for some break out roles in Mud, Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse and more.  His role in the 2015 film Entertainment as a performing mime clown shows his comedic side which is definitely what you would need to play the most charismatic of the three. 

MCA / Josh Peck

The most underrated of the three, I believe, could be played by Josh Peck. A huge Hip Hop head himself, Josh has been in cultural films such as The Wackness and Take The 10. Though much older to play a teen, MCA always had a grown man look to him with the 5 o'clock shadow which makes it easier for this 30 year old. 

Mike D / Dylan Minette

Coming off as the smartest but yet still knows how to rage it up is Mike D who could be played by Dylan Mineete. Having the best year of his career in 2017 with the popular Netflix show 13 Reasons Why, Dylan is becoming a hot commodity. He can pull off the coolness of a dork really well so give him a hat, sunglasses and a Volks Wagon emblem on a chain and you're golden. 

Rick Rubin / Dustin Ybarra

Dustin Ybarra has had minor roles in movies such as Beware The Gonzo and 21 & Over, but his stand up is great. He definitely has the potential to break out and this could be the role. Rick Rubin was a mastermind behind the group as well as one who can compete with the insane antics the threesome were known for and Dustin can pull that off no problem. 


Dito Montiel

Who better to direct than outstanding film maker Dito Montiel who has lived through the era of punk and hip hop in New York. Known for his breakout debut biopic A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints, Dito is one of those rare directors that can bring out the raw gritty essence of New York in his movies.  Having been in a punk/rock band himself, he can more then surely highlight the life of a performing artist and the ups and downs they go through in their career.

New single from Belgian producer Koss featuring J-Live. "Straight Up Pretenders" will appear on the forthcoming full-length "Born To Live" album. The album will also feature Hip-Hop heavyweights including Torae, Masta Ace, Craig G, Blaq Poet, Ruste Juxx, Large Professor, Keith Murray and more.

The album will be available on September 8th, digital/CD via Below System Records and vinyl via Slice Of Spice Records.

It’s easy to lose sight of what’s truly important in life, and Abhi's here to bring things back into perspective with, “Mama Bling". Forget all of the bling and fancy things, it’s time to find happiness in what really matters. This new tune will both open your mind and have you jamming along to its quirky groove.

Bay Area vet, Prozack Turner, returns with his new solo project, Not Everybody Sleeps at Night. The Foreign Legion member draws together a deep lineup of talent on this one, including Guilty Simpson, Oh No, Casual, Brother Ali, and more. The project is knotted with boom bap production, wordy 16's, and chanting hooks.

Edo.G's forthcoming Album "FreEDOm" will see it's release on September 26th 2017 and couldn't come at a better time in history as we are in an age where it seems like our freedoms are slowly getting taken away with a corrupt dictator in office.
Edo.G's 15th studio album, has a sound that is reminiscent to one of your favorite Hip-Hop albums with songs that touch every part of your life. Edo.G's conscious lyrics over banging beats are bound to resonate and inspire. 
“Boom”, produced by up and coming Sir Williams, is the first music video from the album that sheds light on gun violence and the affect it has on victims, families and communities. 

Watch here

You may have seen Sha Stimuli's powerful new video, "ToGetHer". The thought-provoking song is now liberated for all to stream and download through all digital outlets. 
Starting in 2016, Sha had left a number of indications to let the fans know that he was once again making music. “Sticks and Stones”, “New Jordans/A Poem for Mike”, and a few features later, the comeback is now official. 
The message behind “Together” or “To Get Her” is best described through Sha’s own words:
“Without Her, life is a struggle, in order to get Her, I wonder if we need to truly come together. Or is it better for ethnicities, sexualities, and nationalities to continue to celebrate their pride and embark on separate paths? When love conquers all, anything can be accomplished. The police brutality, racial profiling, and targeted violence can be silenced if we see all humans as not just equals, but as ourselves.”

Grammy award winning Producer/DJ Cookin Soul is back with a four track EP entitled "4 DILLA"

Balence is back with a fresh visual from their latest album "The Audio Scrapbook 2" which was released on June 9th. "Another Page" was shot in downtown Minneapolis by videographer Hidef. The beat was produced by Dopeboyzmuzic.

Shot just outside Moka Only's hometown of Vancouver, we get our first visuals for the forthcoming “Vibes” EP produced by Reckonize Real.
Directed by Stace Prints, the video for "Same Ol Song" sticks to the raw fundamentals that makes this collaboration work so well.
If you stay til the end, you'll hear a clip of "Notes", another track off VIBES EP set to release Sept 22nd.

Returning back to our ears, Minnesota artist ''BlaccOut Garrison'' channels his inner ''Dark Man X'' on his latest musical installement titled ''DMX''

Often times we never give our ''Hip-Hop Legends'' there flowers while they can still smell them, Provided with production by brazil's own ''Zonatreze'', BlaccOut Garrison is paying nothing but pure homage as he delivers a dark, lyrical, hard hitting record.

Prop Dylan is a well known name in the hip hop world in Europe. After releasing his critically acclaimed third album The Cardinal Sin he had established himself as a top tear mc in Europe. The Cardinal Sin was produced by his long time partner Logophobia and the world famous DJ Premier. The album was also featured by heavyweights in the rap game Talib Kweli, Evidence and Rakaa from Dilated Peoples and also the very talented singer Sabina Ddumba. 

After touring in 27 countries on four continents he is now back with his first single Down For Whateva taken from his forthcoming album T.W.I.M.C (To whom it may concern) estimated to be released fall 2017. 

Since the senseless shooting dec 10th 2016, the WuTang affiliated artist Solomon Childs has been writing music, and getting himself healthy. Now that he is fully recovered, he is bringing the world a new album, with super producer Tone Spliff. This song is just a teaser of what the upcoming project, will sound like. Enjoy!!

For this project, SVNTY6 uses sinister, horn-laden, dusty samples; The rolling drums and thick bass compliment the grooves, with underlying atmospheric sounds creating a soundscape for the nighttime life... Enjoy.

Stream here