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Hip-Hop has not traditionally thrived in St. John’s, Newfoundland, but for the individual members of ChessClub (Andrew Lahey, Matthew Murphy, James Piercey and producer Adrian Gagnon), who grew up there, hip-hop is how they found each other. The four piece now call Toronto home, and with fifteen years of collective writing, musings, and perhaps a few rebirths, ChessClub are all too ready to release their sophomore album, These Flowers Are For You.

In 2014 ChessClub premiered their first self-titled album with Vice magazine’s online music publication, Noisey, and earned themselves an East Cost Music Award (ECMA) nomination. The group are passionate about performing live, and often opt to perform alongside a full band. Throughout their career they have shared the stage with notable acts such as Pharoahe Monch, Shad, Camp Lo, Pete Rock and CL Smooth, The Beatnuts, Slaughterhouse, Belly and RA The Rugged Man.

ChessClub’s blend of traditional and contemporary style carries into These Flowers Are For You, with defined growth and evolution. You can expect layers of rich, textured, modern sounding production, married with dense, introspective lyricism, in both traditional rap and melodic vocals. Thematically, the album explores a full range of emotions through the particular lens of each member. Chess Club probes questions about the tension of post-material modern life, and the relationship between growth and decay.

These Flowers Are For You is set for release via URBNET on February 23rd, 2018, and will be available on limited edition vinyl LP and CD.

Coming off the release of 2017’s “Brown Sugar,” which saw her career blossom to new heights, Latina MC Chalease has been hard at work in the studio putting the finishing touches on her debut album “Jagged Silk.” With that said, today she unveils the official music video for her lead single “Low Rider.” Produced by Gilde Flores, a key member of Timbaland’s production team, the track finds Chalease meshing dirty south sensibilities with some west coast flavor on the sexy new anthem. Speaking candidly about the record, she shared: “When I wrote Low Rider, I wanted it to feel like it could be played in the strip clubs in Atlanta, all the way to the block parties in L.A.” Hailing from Phoenix by way of Alaska, the newcomer looks to carve out her own niche in the Hip Hop landscape and “Low Rider” is a perfect start. Be on the lookout for her forthcoming album “Jagged Silk,” which is slated for release in 2018.


Ali Kulture is one of 100's of 1000's of Muslims who have been directed affected by Terrorism. When he was a child he lost his father, a commissioned airline pilot, to a vicious attack by the Taliban on the Pakistan - Afghanistan border. Ali Kulture now makes music to inspire people and bring a positive message to the world. This song is dedicated to all those who lost lives because of the hateful few.

 Check out the entire album here.

New Jersey’s own NateTaylorr links up with producer Max Blu to debut his single “No More.” NateTaylorr added his touches to the production for the track as well. This song is definitely a vibe & he encourages the guy who was previously involved with the girl he is currently having relations with to let her go.. He’s giving her everything she ever wanted so he could kiss her goodbye. The ambient production goes perfectly with his smooth vocals. Similar to 90’s R&B, Nate is making a new wave & can set the mood on top of impressing you with his dope lyricism. This song is well worth listening to, stream “No More” below.

Chapel Hill emcee SkyBlew, from Alabama originally, introduces his first new music release of 2018 with the single "Destiny Plotting" in its own video (now streaming on YouTube). The versatile wordsmith who embodies a slew of flavors from Christian and nerdcore to conscious and positive brings all those styles to the fresh February song, and he's linked with producer, rapper and singer Mag.Lo out of Deltona, Florida, who contributes chorus vocals plus the track's serene production vibes. "Destiny Plotting" features active intriguing wordplay from SkyBlew as usual but also topics of belief and faith, harmony and unity, and of course SkyBlew's famous optimism and recurring Destiny motif, all to scenes of anime, the city, nature, and people within nature. Recalibrate your soul in a very calm way with superstar artist SkyBlew and colleague Mag.Lo.  

(image from "Slice of Life" video, courtesy of Blue and Gold Studios, 2013,
Mag.Lo at WPRK Fox Fest 2017
courtesy of

Hip Hop is more than just rapping and lyrics! Its beats, rhymes, graffiti, b-boys and entire way of life. Check out our first full graffiti video from Artist: Cycle out of Hungary. We stay worldwide! 

All proceeds from our album "No White Flags" goes 100% to the CC Sabathia PitCCh in Foundation to support inner city youth. Help support by checking out the album on 15 tracks of real, raw boom bap for an $8.00 donation or stream the album on AppleMusic, Spotify, and Tidal to help the cause. 

- Cloud City Projects 

Spread good vibes, peace, love, unity, respect, and fun. On my Zulu Nation shit haha. 

Y'all already know this is quality music, it's via illect recordings. It's submissions like this that make me proud to be a Hip-Hopper. I love helping push quality artists like Ozay Moore. illect and there artists have been over with me since the first submission, and with a submission like In The Wake Of O, it'll stay that way. 

The onslaught will continue!!! Mic Bles releases his latest  chemical bars to kill the noise pollution disrupting the airwaves!!!  The Raw Hip Hop Is OVa Here !!!

Mic Bles New album drops 3/3/18

Chemical Bars
Produced By Dj Alkemy (UK)
Pure Cut Dj Diaze (FR)
IRE Media / BlessTheMicrophone Productions

Pre Order Mic Bles New Project AudiovOX:

Breakups are never easy and it wasn’t easy for California emcee Brayell either who exposes all in the video for his latest self-produced single “Call You”. Most breakup songs you hear these days seem to have more of a “f*ck you, you’re the worst” vibe to it. However breakups tend to be more complicated, more painful and more trying than most let on and Brayell taps into those negative avenues and self-doubt in “Call You”.

Peep the visuals above and keep your ears perked as Brayell is working on his solo project entitled “The Bug” set to come out later this year.

60 East and Phil The Pain are back with another Music Video from their collaborative project "The Freeway Series Vol.2".  Since 2018 sparked the legalization of recreational Marijuana in California, 60 and Phil decided to drop "Smoke One", a song guaranteed to get added to your smokers playlist. Make sure to catch 60 East on Tour in Australia this April with Termanology. 

In Life we all go through personalized struggle that mold and craft who we are. Sometimes while in the midst of the journey we find ourselves doing things we never thought we would perhaps even stupid/silly/absurd. These types of things happen alot, but Swurvie such a NON-RELIGOUS type

Young Swurve saint louis native, with grassroot intentions to take the game by storm through energy tenacity originality follow by faith in his abilities