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Chicago rapper Cmoneywave has returned with his first single of 2018, "Back Up."

"Back Up" is a stream-of-conscious, motivational cut with a silky smooth beat (produced by No30 Beats) that highlights Cmoney's sharp, in-the-pocket flows.

In 2017, C$ built some hype for himself by releasing his #PROJECTWAVE mixtape, which featured him rapping over well-known instrumentals.

He is prepping a new project that is set to be released sometime in 2018. Until then, stream Cmoneywave's new single "Back Up" below.

Photo Credit: Julien Carr

For week 3 for UllNevaNo and MANHE #shammgodweds series, the Baltimore emcee brings to the masses "fight klub pool table," on this particular record neva pays homage to a culture that made him who he is as artist today, and that's battle rap. Even though he hasn't battled since 2010 he still loves the sport and tuning into leagues such as kotd, and url. Throughout MANHE's boom bap aesthetic neva schemes and cleverly makes some battle rap references, from popular url events and mixing up clever wordplay and name flips, this should be a lyrical art piece for whomever is fan of bars and appreciates penmanship will thoroughly enjoy.  

Angelo Bombay, who was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, has been consistently producing hard beats. Currently residing in Los Angeles, he has focused on music for his whole life. Bombay prides himself on his ability to dive into any genre while still keeping a specific focus on hip-hop, EDM, and R&B. Since 2016, Bombay has produced music for some of rap’s biggest rising names. His list of clients includes FREEWIFI, Nick Travae, Don Krez, Yung Simmie, Ashley All Day, Agoff, $teven Cannon, and many others. It’ll be no surprise to anybody when Bombay is one of music’s most renowned producers, considering his track record so far is phenomenal.

Bombay teamed up with FREEWIFI member Tha Rift, Lyric Marid, Lavish Mack, and Soda Supreme to create one of the best new songs of 2018. “Run Up Count Up” opens up to a fast yet mellow beat, and is sparked by a head-nodding chorus from Tha Rift. Lyric Marid then spits a hard verse, and it’s one to remember. The melodic but uptempo beat flows so smoothly and is paced perfectly with the remainder of the song, which includes some trap-like vocals from Lavish Mack. As the song approaches its final minute, Soda Supreme really sets everything on fire with his final verse. Winding down with one final chorus, “Run Up Count Up” is certainly one to be played on repeat.

If you’ve found yourself in a void waiting for the next season of Stranger Things, look no further than Derek Pope’s latest video, “The Greats.” Directed by Mikey Rare, Pope finds himself caught between the realms of life and death, along with a few other distinct characters. The opening title track off Pope’s latest project, We’re All Strangers, “The Greats” is a coliseum-sized banger, with a cinematic aesthetic that helps the visual feel more like a movie than a music video.

 We’re All Strangers is available now on all digital retailers.

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On "Ricochet" Boston emcee M-Dot (Of EMS) travels abroad (to Deutschland) and fires a verbal reprisal at lackluster "spitters."

Legendary producer and MC Erick Sermon has hit his fans to help fund his latest work as well as reboot of his own label Def Squad. With a solo album on the way, he also plans to push the latest addition to the newly resurrected imprint.

Starting things off is is this 6 track EP from New York youngster Elijah The Young Prophit, which comes to us Empire Music Group. The short project see's the upcoming artist giving listeners a taste of his versatility as he looks to prove his lyricalness on a few original beats as well as some classic instrumentals including Nas' "New York State Of Mind" and Jay's "Ain' No Nigga".

This is just a cookie from the young buck as Sermon is currently working on with him on some new material which he will produce along side Rockwilder. Stay tuned.

In 1987 ​Eric B. & Rakim​ shook the world with their seminal debut album, ‘​Paid In Full.’ Featuring not only the classic title track, but fan favorite “My Melody.” Fast forward 31 years later, in a time when many are saying Hip Hop has lost its steam, ​Joe Nance ​comes through like a breath of fresh air with his take on the phrase, “My Melody” Pt. 1. An ode to his Hip-Hop predecessors, the track shines as Joe references notable emcees and R&B artists like ​KRS ONE​, ​Lecrae​, ​Bob Marley​, ​India Arie​ ​and young legend in the making, ​Kendrick Lamar​ with the precision of a seasoned emcee. The string heavy production, courtesy of ​Anno Domini Nation​ complements My Melody’s inspirational theme of overcoming obstacles and staying the course.  

About Joe Nance -
Joe Nance​ is an artist whose music is undeniable and not able to fit into any box. Although Nance draws the majority of his inspiration from Hip-Hop, a diverse mixture of genres creep into his formula. All making for an eclectic, appealing and unique sound. Constantly expressing himself through the arts, Nance interacts with the world on his own terms. Music, life, and growth are all vivid themes that echo throughout his work, encapsulating deeper meanings of motivation, inspiration and ambition. When they say Hip Hop is dead and depressing, Nance comes through as a guiding light. Watch the progress. 

When you think of the word crisis, what do you think of?
Do you think about a time of intense calamity or catastrophe? Turning points? Pain? Distress? Circumstantial upheaval? Or, the change itself?
Respected MC, Craig G of the legendary Juice Crew examines the dystopian vision that is the contemporary world we live in, on the latest track from the ESI studio, Global Crisis. Grand Surgeon lends his wisdom and co-signs on his experiences with systematic oppression and hardships with his truthful lyrical articulation.  The common topics of fascism, racism and tyranny, matches the raw energy of the melodically sonic track produced by visionary music producer BigBob.  Guitar virtuoso, Ji Sharp of the Canadian band, Road Waves, lends his musical credence with dreamy melodies that weaves naturally to round out this gratifying track.  

Iowa Lyricist Mr. Rebel Rodomez & symphonious Atlanta based Producer E. Smitty Are back with "Free" a feel good record representing for the culture of hip hop.