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I have a soft spot in my heart for the underdogs of
soundcloud. Beyond the lo-fi high schoolers I put
on, I mostly listen to underground Chicago hip hop.
I love me some classic boom bap but can be coerced
into listening to trap. That being said, I only mean trap
sonically. I don't fuck with trap lyricism. If your lyrics
aren't intellectual and thought-provoking don't bother
emailing me. If I ask you to summarize what your
song is about in three sentences or less and you can't,
I'm not interested in it.


-WE DO NOT ACCEPT material that is older than a week or two.

-Understand that we are not fans of all that money, cars, and hoes bull shit. It's very rare that you will see us post that type of music. Acknowledge the type of music we post and submit accordingly.

-Please include a short write-up about the content you are submitting including, but not limited to, the story behind the music, a bio of the artist, and links to the producer.

-We only accept content hosted by: Souncloud, Audiomack, YouTube, Datpiff, and Bandcamp. Do not send us MP3s, we do not know what to do with them.

-Include the cover art as well as a press photo of the artist. 

-Be sure to inlcude your social links. Facebook and Twitter at the least but as many as you desire.

-If Jay-Z, Drake, or Kanye drop a new single and you throw a verse on their instrumental like the thousands of other rappers out there... you can keep that. We do not encourage nor support beat jacking, especially from all these wack commercial rappers.

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  1. Moved into a swamp in the mountains and work at a rodeo these days. Thanks for keeping me in touch with the music!

  2. Hey thanks for posting my latest video release on your page. Would you guys be interested in interviewing me for the artist spotlight? I would send ALL of my fans to your site. Well, thanks again.


  3. Thanks for sharing the new ILL-Legitimate stuff, do you guys have a twitter account I can follow?

  4. Hey My name is Phillip Smith Aka Nippey Cking and am looking to sing My Team RgM to a Company In Hip hop Rap Game

  5. I saw you commented on nessly - sade cadance music video saying you blogged it. & I wanted to know if you can make a blog post about me in the future. I'm a producer. Me and my friend who is also a producer have just started to make selling beats into a business. We haven't sold anything. We're just making beats and perfecting our craft at the moment. But we did purchase a domain which is Which we need help on the design. I can be contacted via email @

    I'll help you in return, anything in mind.

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