Thaddeus David - "Sarah's Last"

Terry Mak - Please (Keep Praying For Me) [Official Video]

Ladi6 - "Diamonds (Oddisee Remix)

Houston Rockits - Rocket Science

The Good Husbands - Get Up Ft. Lizzy VanPatten

Blacastan - Me Against The Radio 1.5 [Mixtape Rerelease]

Denaun Porter feat Mela - Idle Hands

Vic Spencer - HaerBrainSchemes presents: The Rapping Bastard [Mixtape]

Cobe Obeah - The Hunger (strawberries)

Symmetry - The Cipher (Official Video)

Dudley Perkins - Dr. Stokley [Album]

Vic Mensa - Children Of The Sun (Prod By Thelonious Martin)

The Black Opera - Black Friday

Buckshot on Sway in the Morning (Video)

Oh No - Off The Wall (Video)

Tony K - "Zombie" (video)

ShaqIsDope -"Just Believe"

John Jay - "Are You In" (video)

Farhot - Kabul Fire Vol​.​1 [Album]

Shalom Little - MARTA Card feat Kaedus & J.R. (Video)

Devine Carama - Motown Shuffle

Shintendo64 - KAI

Kornbread & Skeem Price - OverKill

Ace Mack - Fear Me Now ft SwizZz (prod by Kelly Portis)

That Kid Era - #WhiteFriday [EP]

Comme - "Tin Trees" (feat. Chester Watson)

TeamBackpack - with Priceless Da Roc, C Plus, A-1 & Emoney (Video)

Skyzoo - An Ode To Reasonable Doubt (EP Coverart)

Madchild, Trash Gordon & Kuniva - Fuck Love Twice

Cormega feat Raekwon - Honorable

Joey Fatts - Karma (Video)

Naledge feat Willie the Kid - Amnesia

Ransom feat Hitchcock - Murdah Music


S.I.T.H - "Troubadour" (Prod. by razorSHARPE) (video)

Mac Miller - I Come In Peace (prod. Big Jerm & P. Fish)

Fa†e feat Blu - “The Last Stop”

Jakk Frost - Throw Brix From A Glass House

Azad Right - 6:30 (Video)

Miles From Nothing - "Smile" (video)


Malik Ferraud- "Feel Me" (Prod. Black Diamond)

GZA of Wu-Tang Clan explains the origin of the Universe (Video)

$pencer $ims - Kaleidoscope

Mélat- Ft. QuESt "The Prometheus Interlude"

Beastie Boys MCA Puts "No Advertising Of Music" in his Will

Brianna Cash- "Kisses In The Rain"

Red Martina - Outside (Official Music Video)

Termanology x Lil Fame x Sean Price - I Rock Mics (Video)

Supercoven - Decomposition Compilation [Album]

Sean Price - Thanksgiving Food Shopping (Video)

Doug Snow - The Last Day of Summer


June Marx - Invisible Wars

Will-Powerz - Volition [Mixtape]

Simon Illa feat. Kyle Lucas - "Bones"

Joey Bada$$ - Two Lips (prod by J Dilla)

Asher Roth Responds to Eminem's Dis (Video)

Exclusive Murray - Everything Must Change (Official Music Video)

Busdriver - “Barbs Over Breakfast Scones” (Video)

Jarell Perry’s “Paris, Tokyo” (Lupe Fiasco Cover)

Mélat - Canon Ourania: The Illumination [EP]

Neako - The Flxxxr (Official Music Video)

A-Plus & AAGEE - Time to Let Go (Official Video)

Raheem DeVaughn Answers "The Questions" (Video)

Vsthereal - I Love October (video)

PHZ-Sicks - ft TFOX "Coming Down" (video)

Reckonize Real- ft. Torae, M-Dot & Tribeca "The Business" (video)

Rockboy K9 - "Weekend Off" (Produced By - Eb and Dc)

Jamal Mar ~ PSA (Personal Service Announcement)

Jean Deaux - "Grape Soda" (video)

Que Billah Ft Gemstones- "THE KKK" ( Kids Killing Kids ) (video)

Exclusive - "Cataclysm" (video)

Tony Vice- "Mastermind" (Video)

Chris Webby - L.A. Leakers Freeverse (Video)

The Physics - "Play It Off"

Come On Man: Nas Says Hip Hop Lost It's "Realness"

Myka 9 - Enter The Slayer, Ft. Abstract Rude, Busdriver


Jise One - PASSION OF JISE Trailer #1 (Video)

Sully - Anger [Wrath] (ft. Ras Kass, 2Mex, & KRS​-​One)

Endemic "Cardinal" Ft. Darkim be Allah & Supreme (video)

Emɐnuǝl X - F∀DE∀D (video)

Danny! - Deckin’ Halls (And Jinglin’ Bells)

Vic Mensa Chops it Up With Ambrosia For Heads (Video)

Ka - You Know It's About (Video)

Wara From The NBHD - 98' Rocafella (Video)

Cryptic One - 122112 (Video)

Skyzoo Announces Jay Z Inspired EP