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Please read the guidelines before sending us an email

Things to do:

- Please include a short write-up about the content you are submitting including, but not limited to, the story behind the music, a bio of the artist, and links to the producer.

- Supply links to Soundcloud, Audiomack, YouTube, Datpiff, and Bandcamp. Do not send us MP3s. We do not know what to do with them.

- Include the cover art and visual artist's name as well as a press photo of the artist. 

- Be sure to include your, producer's, featured artists', and cover artists' social links. Facebook and Twitter at the least, but as many as you desire.

- Please Note: If you are sending a project (Mixtape, Album, EP) you must submit it in the month of the release to be considered for our Top Of The Month section. This section features the what we believe to be the best projects of the month. 

- Reviews: If you would like your project to be considered for the Top Of The Month section or if you would like for us to review your album, please send us a press copy of your project for our listening pleasure.

Things not to do:

- WE DO NOT ACCEPT material that is older than a few weeks.

- Acknowledge the music we post and submit accordingly.

- If Jay-Z, Drake, or Kanye drop a new single and you throw a verse on their can keep that. We do not encourage nor support beat jacking.