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  1. Hello, first off thank you having an outlet for hungry artist. Secondly, I'd love to know to how to possibly get my music on your site. Below, I'll drop my url, youtube link, and my instagram. Tell me what you think!! Thanks. MY BIO IS BELOW THE LINKS!!!

    INSOMNIAK973 has been developing his unique style and fierce lyrics since 8 years old. Throughout his musical journey, INSOMNIAK973 has took his time to learn as many aspects of his craft as possible. He became a Certified Audio Engineer, Producer, and Video Director , all the while writing and recording new music. Learn more and be sure to FOLLOW ON INSTAGRAM.COM/INSOMNIAK973 & STREAM MUSIC ON ALL PLATFORMS!!!

  2. ATM $TACK$

    ATM$TACK$ is a Pennsylvania born, Maryland raised rapper, songwriter, and performing artist. Towards the end of 2017, the loss of his mother prompted him to move to Los Angeles to follow his dream of pursing music. Driving across the country with his childhood friend, ATM$TACK$ moved into his first LA apartment later that year. Compared to The Roots, A Tribe Called Quest, Curren$y, and Mac Miller, his lyrical insight gives hope to those who have struggled with depression, drug use, and loss of loved ones. ATM$TACK$ is in the studio 24/7 working on his music as he has finally taken the step to become a full time recording artist/songwriter.



    ATM $TACK$ - Wandering Dayz

  3. Hey,Im 13 I go by jordan szn and ima be real with you my music was prossenal made no bs I got it mastered by pros, and this year alone I got over 60k people to listen to my music! And I got some people saying im the next Tripped red,The kid Larior, I make dope get in your feels rap music. I know you have stuff to do so Im going to end it here I wish you the best of luck and keep doing you and I would like to be featured on your blog/website with my newest single “bad secrets” this song really could blow up and I want you to be apart of it.
    Links to my newest song bad secrets

    Socials: got hacked at 3k

  4. Truly was a trademark as far as creation esteem for a kissasian


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