Vinnie Paz - Carry On Tradition (Album Tracklist)

Vinnie Paz's new EP Carry On Tradition drops November 19th, peep out the tracklist.

1. God Bless (produced by Mikey Bingo)
2. The Devil's Ransom featuring Jarren Benton and Lawrence Arnell (produced by MTK)
3. No More Games featuring Chris Rivers and Spit Gemz (produced by Lecs Beats)
4. Envy The Dead featuring Scott Stallone (produced by Scott Stallone)
5. Bleed For Me featuring ZILLA, Sino and Blacastan (produced by ILLinformed)
6. In the Middle Of Nowhere featuring Lawrence Arnell, Slaine and Rite Hook (produced by The Arcitype)
7. Innermost Hate featuring G-Mo Skee (produced by C-Lance)
8. Is Happiness Just A Word? featuring Yes Alexander (produced by The Arcitype)