Elzhi's New Album Update

El says:

Over the past couple of years people have been asking me for new music. I know it’s been a while since I’ve dropped something for you, and I appreciate all of the continuing support and patience that you have showed me over my career. I’ve already passed on a few record deals, and I've partnered with the GLOW365 alliance because we truly believe that the integrity of the music comes first. I have always been a believer in being a leader and trendsetter. The music I make comes strictly from me and how I feel, and I will never sacrifice who I am to conform to a trend. This new record is no different.

The funds from this campaign will give me the last push I need to make sure this record comes out early next year. It will also go towards the cost of promotion and setting up the forthcoming tour. The money will also make sure all of the rewards you see to the right make it into every single one of your hands.

Speaking of that, some of the rewards offered here are going to be one-time only products. Written lyrics from my hand, exclusive artwork on the new records and the last 27 hand numbered Elmatic vinyls left in world. There are also a few chances to come out to listening parties with me in cities around the world before the new record drops.

This is it…this one is all about us. This is our chance to show the world what my music and the people who love it are all about: pure, authentic, creative music…real hip–hop.

This is going to be a lot of work. Finishing the record, coordinating the details of the rewards, and setting up the tour is no simple task. But as you already know…when I put my mind to something failure is never an option. We’ve been working round the clock with photographers, graphic designers, clothing companies, and other collaborators to make sure the end result comes meets our expectations.

If you decide to join the movement… be sure to represent. You just joined the GLOW365 family. This is something that’s bigger than you and me. This is about music, hip-hop and bringing people together.

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