Masta Ace - Disposable Arts 2013 Reissue

Originally released in 2001, Masta Ace’s Disposable Arts is a critically acclaimed concept album. The story on Disposable Arts unfolds with Masta Ace being released from prison, his return home and joining “The Institute of Disposable Arts.”  This legendary LP features Masta Ace's own group eMC (Stricklin, Punchline and Wordsworth), Apocalypse, Greg Nice, Rah Digga, J-Ro, King T, Jean Grae and more.

The Disposable Arts reissue will also feature a behind the scenes DVD with interviews, stories behind the tracks and more! This special CD+DVD package will available in the stores, November 26th. I was a big fan of this when it was released and I look forward to the reissue. Pre-order here.