Toronto rapper/producer Neo Tempus presents "Davy Jones", his self-produced new single from Yours Sincerely, his new album featuring Richard MacDougal, Dubb, and Canadian singer/songwriter Jack, who guests on "Davy Jones". Tempus produced "When I Was Young", a song by Aftermath artist Jon Connor featuring Chris Webby and Smoke DZA which was featured on Jon's (Unconscious State) album. Tempus describes "Davy Jones" as an embodiment of the phase he went through due to heartbreak and disappointment. He got inspired from Pirates Of The Caribbean, they incorporated the tale of "Davy Jones" into the movie. When he saw that he cut out his heart and put it in a chest because he had been heartbroken, he instantly related to it. Pain can leave us heartless sometimes, and it definitely had him. So in this track he's "Davy Jones." 

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