Top Of The Year: Albums Of 2013

Top Albums of 2013

Now this one was tough, there were a lot of albums I thought were great this year and it was really hard to slim them down to 10 or 12 so I give you my favorite 20. I'm sure I missed a few here and there in both this and the Mixtape and EP section as well.

YC The Cynic - GNK

Best tracks:

"The Pacs" , "God Complex" , "Molotovs at Poseidon" , "Pwrtrp"

J-Zone - Peter Pan Syndrome

Best tracks:

"Crib Issues" , "An Honest Days robbery" , "The Fox Hunt" , "Peter Pan Syndrome"

Ghostface x Adrian Young - 12 Reasons To Die

Best tracks:

"Beware Of The Stare" , "Enemies All Around Me" , "An Unexpected Call (The Set Up)" , "Murder Spree"

Man Of Boom - Back To The Boom

Best tracks:

"Back To The Booom" , "B.O.O.M" , "From Now To Then (No Words Can Explain)" , "Fire In The Air"

Ill Bill - The Grimy Awards

Best tracks:

"Truth" , "Exploding Octopus"  , "120% Darkside Justice" , "World Premier" 

RA The Rugged Man - Legends Never Die

Best tracks:

"Still Diggin Wit Buck" , "The People's Champ" , "Media Midgets" , "Luv To Fuk"

Dynasty - A Star In Life's Clothing

Best tracks:

"Stay Shinin'" , "Street Music" , "Somebody Told Me" , "Body Heat"

Reks - Revolutionary Cocktail

Best tracks:

"Revolution Is Here" , "Judas" , "Due Diligence" , "Winners and Survivors"

Mac Miller - Watching Movies With The Sound Off

Best tracks:

"The Star Room" , "Bird Call" , "Red Dot Music" , "Remember" 

Snowgoons - Black Snow 2

Best tracks:

"This Is Goons Shit" , "Black Snow 2" , "Live Your Life" , "Steal real and Raw"

ScienZe - Ella

Best Tracks:

"The Date" , "The Real" , "Pockets" , "Sunday"

Stu Bangas x Esoteric - Machete Mode

Best tracks:

"Rafters" , "Ease Up" , "Wonder Why" , "Blood On The Flowers"

Starvin B - Be Like Water

Best tracks:

"Ulterior Motives" , "Narcotics" , "Clear Benches" , "YOOO"

Oddisee - Tangible Dream

Best tracks:

"Tangible Dream" , "Yeezus Was A Mortal Man" , "Own Appeal" , "Back Of My Mind"

Marco Polo - PA2: The Directors Cut

Best tracks:

"Astonishing" , "6 Trill" , "Drunken Sleuth" , "Strange Brew" , "G.U.R.U."

Inspectah Deck + 7L x Esoteric = CZARFACE

Best tracks:

"Air Em Out" , "Savagely Attack" , "It's Raw" , "Shoguns"

Jamall Bufford - Victim OF A Modern Age

Best tracks:

"Travel Light" , "Victim Of A Modern Age" , "Living Room Flo" , "Oh My God, Forever"

Qwel x Maker - Beautiful Raw

Best tracks:

"Beautiful raw" , "Long Walkers" , "Wreck Room" , "Keep It Movin"

Statik Selektah - Extended Play

Best tracks:

"Bird's Eye View" , "The Spark" , "My Hoe" , "Game Break"

ASAP Rocky - Long Live ASAP

Best tracks:

"Long Live ASAP" , "LVL" , "1 Train" , "Ghetto Symphony"