Hoodie Allen - Little League (Mike Stud Diss)

Little League

So this literally made my day. After Hoodie dissed Mike Stud, G-Eazy and Riff Raff with his latest "Nolan Ryan" track, Mike retaliated with his "0 to 100" freeverse. So Hoodie comes back with this new funny joint "Little League" which picks on Mike for acting like he is still in high school and being a Drake dick rider. Now me personally I think Mike is talented but yes he is a big Drake impersonator and he is fake ass artist. He relies on flashing his eyes and puckering his lips at the girls as well as tries to act like he is the coolest guy around. Last year we got into it with Mike as he dropped a supposed "Freestyle" video with picking balls from a hat that had words on it and going off the top. We called him out and he got offended and even admitted that it was pre recorded, then he fired back with another supposed "Freestyle" at us.

Yes Mike is Sensative! We salute you Hoodie!!