Sapient - Eaters Volume Two: Light Tiger

The musical Swiss Army Knife, Sapient, strikes again and this time it's with Eaters Volume Two: Light Tiger. I am a new fan of Sapient and have been an avid one since the release of his Slump; with that being said, I was inexperienced with the Eaters series. The series, as heard in Tusks! as well, is supposed to mostly be an instrumental tape, however in certain tracks Sapient does take to the mic as well.

This project is one of a kind and is one of the most unique "instrumental" projects I've ever heard. The 15 track collection of various beats contains that same Sapient funk, but with multiple twists. I really don't know how to explain it; it's like a super galactic punch of furious mind-blowing insanity really. With all of the production, mastering, lyrics, artwork, you name it, done by the underrated Sapient himself, this one is a must listen. Sapient truly does kill this one.