Tairey - Nothing Wrong ft. Trell

Let me go ahead and introduce a guy named Tairey to you. Never heard of him? Don't worry, I just heard of him a couple of days ago when I saw someone talk indirectly about him via Twitter. I noticed then he had a new track coming out in a few days, Nothing Wrong, and I decided to wait until then to take my listen. Other than being from Pittsburgh and being a rapper/producer I had no idea what to expect. From this one song this guy has me instantly hooked and i'm struggling to find anything I don't like about him. His three singles that he has on his soundcloud page are keeping me entertained as I write this. Nothing Wrong, featuring lyrics from Trell as well, is just another piece of the puzzle that will all be unraveled on 6.22. I can't even imagine what kind of tricks this kid has yet to showcase.