Schama Noel - Eternal Feels EP

"You know that thing that kills you and you don't like, but you try it again?" Wait a that DatPiff and its uploading services? Nevertheless, Eternal Feels EP is exactly like that. It might kill your expectations of what you thought this collection of music might be. You might not like a nine out of ten of the tracks on here (ok, scratch that last sentence unless you're that one guy on social media talking about how everything else was too lyrical, -- uhhhm what??), but you will try it again. Noel packs his thoughts and feelings into an EP that takes less time to groove to than awaiting a text back from that lightskinned girl you love so much.

Ok, but really, Schama delivers on this EP. I own God's Playlist and the infamous "twitter rapper" accomplishes his set goal of vastly improving his flow. Noel gives listeners and new fans alike a deeper experience into his lyrical capability; whether it's just simple, "Thoughts Of A Loner" or perhaps the worst two minutes that your ears will ever experience on, "Type Of Party" ... he has drawn me in. The sad and dramatically depressing 10 track EP is a hit for me and I'm thrilled for what's to come in the future.

I understand that Noel has almost a cult-like following (i'm in line to drink that Kool-Aid, line continues behind me) and he might not want to be famous, however, if he keeps this up...there's no telling what might happen.