Your Old Droog Reveals Himself (Video)

The day is finally here and we didn't have to wait til next week. Your Old Droog ends all the hype of the Nas alter ego with this video of him and DJ Skizz performing live in the studio, which seems to be the first of more to come. It turns out that he is just a white kid from New York, go figure. For me it's been hard trying to put a white face to the voice with all the talk about him being Nas. I love how first when the video starts you hear homie but he's panned to the left for a few seconds of suspense lol. I'm guessing that Droog had to of come out before his show, seeing that he probably would of been possibly sued for false advertisement and what not. So now that the truth is out, lets see how many dick riders and haters stay with homie and how many jump ship. I know I'm still gonna be rocking his shit, he's dope!!!

PS. I wonder what Marco Polovision is gonna say to this?