Action Bronson Talks White Hip Hop, Riff Raff & More

Queens native Action Bronson sat down with VladTV correspondent Jenny Boom Boom where they discussed the plight of white rappers, him not being palatable to white America, and what NYC artists he'd take on his dream tour.

When Jenny brings up the fact that it may be tougher for a white artist to make it as a rapper, Bronson disagrees, saying one of the biggest figures in rap and music overall is Eminem. He does feel that his style may not have a place in mainstream, White America because of the influence he had from artists like Mobb Depp, M.O.P., Nas, AZ and others.

He's also asked which New York MCs he'd love to tour with, saying The Lox and Jim Jones would be his top picks, as well as his current opening act, producer Party Supplies.