A-Class "Nightwriter" EP Review

by Tony Diamonds

A-Class is a battle rapper who has performed on both Grind Time and KOTD, facing well known battle rappers such as Dizaster and Tantrum. While continuing to battle, he managed to put together an EP. How does the release fare? Check out my opinions on it below in this A-Class Nightwriter review!
BEATS: ★★★★✩
The beats on this are super dope; they kind of remind me of a boom bap sound palette with more modern, sometimes almost trap-ish programming. Most of the beats are sample based and the drums sound suitably lofi. I was pretty much feeling all the beats. Bus to NYC has kind of a fast off-beat kind of sound - this is probably my least favorite beat here. East Side and Super Fat Laces are my favorite beats overall.
LYRICS: ★★★★★
He definitely has great flow and rides each beat perfectly. He has a good midrange-high rap voice. He kicks multis, punchlines, internals, etc, so skillwise he has the chops. I could see how it would be a nightmare facing this guy while battling, and those that watch a lot of battle videos will probably feel right at home listening to this EP.
CONTENT: ★★★★✩
We get basic hip hop emcee topics for the most part. He definitely focuses more on having interesting lines and imagery then necessarily having laser-sharp coherent, topic-based tracks. Overall, he has interesting content. Although if you're looking for intense storytelling or a message other than that he's a dope rapper doing ill shit, you might not really find that on this album. After all, our emcee did start off as a battle rapper, and it really shows here.
OVERALL: ★★★★✩
I'm digging the overall lofi sound to the whole album, and I'm into A-Class' raps, but I'm not going to say he's the deepest rapper you'll ever hear. I recommend this album to anyone that's looking for beats with a retro vibe and modern hip hop programming combined with a hot spitter ripping over all of it. Also, if you're into the battle rap scene, then you probably already know who this guy is, and should probably just go pick this up ASAP.

Thus concludes this A-Class Nightwriter review. You can cop the album yourself for $6.93 on Amazon.com here: Nightwriter [Explicit] (affiliate link). Also be sure to check out some of my other hip hop reviews here: Hip Hop Reviews