Chill Moody - We're Worth More (prod. Hank McCoy & JuicedUp Beats)

Chill Moody - We're Worth More Prod. Hank McCoy & JuicedUp Beats

Having made this back during the incident with Michael Brown, Chill Moody kept this joint in the safe, but now with all that is going on he decided to release it to send a message to the world. He states:

"I wrote this song August 10th, the Monday after the Michael Brown murder. I let a friend of mine hear it and their response was "yo this is dope! You need to drop it now while Ferguson is poppin". I appreciated the compliment but was instantly taken back by the "while Ferguson is poppin" comment. Topical music shouldn't be made in hopes to capitalize on a moment. Especially in cases like the ones addressed in this record, these problems are reoccurring and deserve our attention for a longer duration than the "while it's poppin" grace period. Fast forward to today, the day after the decision was made to deny Mike Brown's family the chance to receive justice, and I get a different message from a friend: "Chill, people need this record right now". The change in commentary gave me a better understanding. Music helps healing. There is value in our lives, we have to take more claim to that. #WereWorthMore"