Marc Goone - PLETHORA [EP] + "Carter 2 Medley" (Official Video)

Welcome, welcome, welcome to all things Marc Goone, where the PLETHORA of awesomeness shall begin soon. Below you will find a collection of tracks and a bonus music video at that! From unusual unique unicornian concepts to wrapping raps 'round rival rappers, Goone never fails to deliver and always provides that must listen to factor. It simply does not matter if you are having a lemon party, having fun with cups or just chillin' back eating illuminati crisps; plain and simple, if you want it, Marc's got it.

The five track EP + video of "Carter 2 Medley" is something you need to have in your collection right the fuck now. Go ahead and download it [here]. Yo, seriously, what in the figgity fuck are you doing currently reading this sentence, I just told you to download this EP...I can wait, I have all day.

I don't have glasses, so unfortunately my two eyes couldn't keep up with all of the pure awesomeness going on here. To truly enjoy this visual, multiple views are not only recommended, but are required.