[Shintendo64] - [64 WONDERS 不思議] (Mixtape)

[64 WONDERS 不思議] [2015 Album]

To commemorate the first official SOL TERRA (Day of ODD-ISH), [Shintendo64] drops to his awesome supporters the first installation of the "[64 WONDERS]" Trilogy.

"It's been a long run and I myself have finally ended this journey. Alot of shit has unfolded since I've started. As a result I grew up. Today I'm realizing that not only the people around me are destined to do "Wonders" in this world. Beyond Music, but the many other artists that see our vision and share the same love for it as we do. For always hitting me up to see what's up or showing the slightest interest in what I do.....and!!!"