Juggaknots - Baby Pictures 1989-1993 [EP]

Chopped Herring is extremely proud to present this EP of unreleased, unleaked material from cult indie group Juggaknots. With all tracks produced by the Juggaknots who are comprised of Buddy Slim aka Kev Fever, Breeze Brewin, Chris "Suga Shadow" Liggio
and DJ Esssence. After hearing the snippets go here for the official product which will be limited to 400 copies pressed ONLY.

The first 75 are on Red coloured vinyl.
The next 75 copies are on Gold, White & Yellow mixed coloured vinyl.
And the remaining 250 are on traditional black vinyl

A1 Catch My Drift (Intro)
A2 40 oz of Flavor
A3 Grand Larceny
A4 Next of Kin

B1 Lap of Luxury
B2 Ol Faithful
B3 Boogernose Funk
B4 Catch My Drift (Outro)