Accent ft. KXNG CROOKED & King Deco - Starshine (Prod. Judge)

Everything about Accent's latest single is grand, just grand. The Nuyorican rap-poet teams up with heavy hitter KXNG CROOKED and King Deco with production from Judge to bring us a track that is going to be off of his free album, The Last Lyricist, releasing soon. Working behind the scenes, Kinetics [Kinetics & One Love] also helped, co-writing the hook with King Deco and Accent.

It's really crazy to me that I landed a collaboration with such a juggernaut of a rapper, and a member of Eminem's Slaughterhouse team at that. KXNG CROOKED's delivery is so fierce, his already reputable tenure has obviously not affected his hunger. I just couldn't get over how clean his verse was on Starshine; despite the intensity and speed of his recital he maintains control all throughout it. 
...King Deco. Some of the themes that came up in the conceptualization of Starshine overlapped with key elements of what she calls the "Decosphere" which I tend to think of as the aesthetic she creates with her imagery. In the hook she almost personifies the North Star, offering a guiding light to those spiraling through a seemingly endless circle of desert. This idea is a metaphor for what Crooked and I speak more literally about.
Really Starshine is about providing some kind of relief to those Hip Hop fans with standards for lyrics and content. In an age where the easiest Rap to access is dominated by style, whatever flow is trending and in many cases a person's financial status, it's refreshing to find that there are still rappers who want to show their ability and talk about real issues.
My verse specifically dives heavily into the idea of modern rap artists becoming instruments for the perpetuation of capitalism. And you might say "SO, this is America, it's a capitalist country". Try and remember that those in power achieve that success at the expense of others. In order to have that class spectrum the majority of our society need to be poor and middle class. What better way to keep people in poor communities killing each other off and selling drugs to each other than to use their own culture against them? The glorification of violence and drug-dealing in our music is only modern day Reaganism. How is it any different than the government putting crack on the streets to keep the lower class down? There needs to be a light in the darkness and I like to believe that even in a system designed to benefit the 1% there can still be positive change, with understanding.
- Á
As for all of the young star's shining records, I urge everyone to follow along with the lyrics just so you can fully grasp every little aspect [here].