Sapient - Lumens Tour 2015

Sap...Saps...Sapey...Sapient is teaming up with Jon Sleeves and going on tour to promote his past album, Light Tiger. The Rap/R&B artist is touring throughout the entire month of April, hitting the west coast by storm to provide famine friends a fresh live set for their face skin.

For a few more words about the tour:
"You coming? (that's what she saidddddd) If you want to help us push these shows in your city or help spread the word in general (you can get goodies like free show admission etc.), you must join our swelling horde of a STEEET TEAM. Email me at with your city and the words "Street Team" in the subject line. If you have any specific promo skill sets, in the email please tell us what they might be. For example "I'm always at the skatepark, I can poster and give out materials there" or "I'm down to hit the downtown and slap up posters/stickers" or "I work at a popular record store/coffee shop/venue". You think you need me and my music? Trust me, I need you more."
- Sapient