Accent ft. Benefit - Belief

In today's rap/hip hop scene, a lot of "emcees" call themselves lyricists; 95% of those people don't know the true meaning of the word. Accent is in the other 5% and is only fitting that he brings another guy from the top, Benefit, along for the "Belief" party. The new track is most likely the last preview we will get to see until Accent's album, The Last Lyricist, drops on the 22nd.
"Belief” is the devil’s advocate’s devil’s advocate. It plays both sides of the fence in a series of queries regarding humanity’s age-old curiosities. Genesis or the Big Bang? Adam & Eve or Evolution? Nature or Nurture? But it never commits itself to either side of any argument.


If you believe something has it come true?
And if it does for you will others too trust this “truth”?
To human beings what warrants proof, such that’s clutched and used?
Or ‘s untouched but woos and’s comfort soothes so thus is understood?
And who constructs the rules, one astute yet drudging loon
Whose rubbish fools by hundreds to corrupt recruit and hunt anew?
Or just a dude whose hunger brews as he discovers clues
To what’s above, construing sumptuous jewels that his love persues?
And who instructs the youths, dumb buffoons whose lungs are tools
To numb, confuse and shun the students of a school when tongues dispute
Or honorable productive few who’re blood look upwards to’nd
the bunch reviews countries’ uncouth disgusting roots in utter doom
What governs groups of gullible suckers that follow suit
and hums a tune lulling fools under to snooze while is among the moons
or’s from a womb and once had used a couple thumbs to chew
with gums and drool that jut a tooth to tug at soon's it’s sudd'nly loose

[Hook: Accent]
What am I to make of all this?
‘Cause some will lie to faces often
And I don’t know why I stay to absorb it
‘f’I I tell no they’ll try to erase my thoughts
And wash my mind.

Was it an explosion
Of no known proportion that opened a floating ocean of stars? (of stars)
And once one ends its glowing
Does a nova’s core then re-form to a sort of hole in the dark? (the dark)
And have we been stead’ly growing
From amoebas slowly over the seasons into what creatures we are? (we are)
Or even easier a notion
That people will read was spoken as breeding us from the speech of a God? (a God)
And when we cease to know things
Are beings decomposing the seeds that are thrown for feeding as marl? (as marl)
Or when our breathing’s going
Do we see plateaus of the holiest reach in secrets beyond? (beyond)
Tell me is belief chosen?
By each and their own via freedom to mold the meanings in hearts? (in hearts)
Or is it beaten right over them
And then seemingly woven into the deepest emotions when taught? (when taught)

If we could play the universe in reverse and rewind it in time
Would we find a divine mind behind the design
Or would we find the divine mind we're trying to define
Too hard to find and incline it's all unguided and blind?
Everything mathematically intertwined and combined
Dramatically fine tuned then aligned and refined
Down to gravity the moon and the rise of the tide
But are we gradually consumed by the lies and the pride?
Or the tragedies that doomed all of the guys that have died
Is it hard to see the truth through our eyes that have cried?
Is it a matter of chance that dna happened gather and dance
And transform ‘to something rather advanced?
We're buried under an avalanche of chatter and rants
That seem to subtract a lot more than they add or enhance
Does belief form or collapse from the facts and the proof
That impacts a synapse that adapts to the truth?