Accent - The Last Lyricist [Album]

Accent is here to instruct the youths and dumb buffoons on true lyricism and prove that the concept is not yet dead in the hip hop culture. The best poet rapping releases a full length album, the first such project in nearly 2 years, in the form of The Last Lyricist. The album contains ridiculous features ranging from Skyzoo, Kinetics, KXNG CROOKED, King Deco, Jitta On The Track, Kyle Lucas, Hunter Stout & Lyric Lincoln and shares production with Nujabes, Judge, DJ Grumble, DJ Harrison & Culture I.
Not only does the 10 track album contain such singles as "Paper Game", "Starshine", "Just For Tonight", "Careless" and "Belief" but it also contains the fourth installment of "The Grey Kingdom" series.

When listening to Accent you just can't help but to be trapped in a prison of language, a vortex of words. The Last Lyricist orchestrates your emotions, but with a variety of tunes like some sort of international dance festival that continuously plays with your consciousness.
Such work only continues to prove that Accent is in a lane of his own, in a league with a handful of players and continues to only perfect his craft. With every curated line Accent ensures that you can fully grasp and enhance your overall vernacular and understanding of lyricism, rhyming schemes, and poetry in it's overall form and structure.