Adam Reverie - The Westside Rev Project

by Tony Diamonds

Adam Reverie's fourth album The Westside Rev Project dropped last month, 2 years after his previous album. Repping Detroit, MI, Adam brings on some great production talent and showcases a hype flow with a smooth delivery. Read on for a more detailed review on this album.

BEATS: ★★★★✩
The beats are pretty ill on this album. Cloudcatchers, Just Zay, LiftOFFbeatz, Eli Myles and Sean Madden all lend a hand. Most of the beats tend to be string or jazz samples with modern drum patterns but not straight 808s. In other words, drum wise there's essentially a boom bap drum palette on some tracks but applied to a modern type pattern. Given that description, one might think the album is all mellow, but somehow the beats are mostly all hype sounding! On the opening track, we get a real dope jazzy sounding sample that helps set the tone of the album. Similarly, the track All I Hear Is contains a standout beat with jazzy horn sample and good drums. Another standout is Pros and Cons, with a good cloud/trap pattern to the beat. Finally, we have an easily recognizeable sample on the last beat, but it is flipped well in this case.

LYRICS: ★★★½✩
Adam Reverie has a somewhat high-pitched, hype sounding voice. He definitely leans more towards charisma and a dope rap voice with a smooth, in the pocket flow. I didn't hear a ton of complex rhymes or over the top punchlines that really stood out, but overall his vocals are enjoyable to listen to and he hits many of the points for having good lyrics on this album. Reverie kicks a good topic based rap on Detroit Muscle with the car-related imagery and brings an interesting story rap for the ladies on Like He Can't. Overall, I wasn't blown away lyrically, but I found Reverie's raps to be at least spit well with some good thought behind them.

OVERALL: ★★★½✩
Adam Reverie's Westside Rev Project is solid, and is definitely hype in tone with dope beats. He does not sound like he's stuck in the 90s, yet his subject matter and aspects of his raps show an underlying true school sensibility. I also like his ability to stick to a topic within each track. I can easily recommend this one to fans of underground rap that want someone kind of modern sounding hip hop to listen to.

Thus concludes this Adam Reverie The WestSide Rev Project review. You can cop the album yourself for $9 directly from Reverie here: Adam Reverie The WestSide Rev Project. Also be sure to check out some of my other hip hop reviews here: Hip Hop Reviews