Donnie Trumpet and The Social Experiment - Surf (Album Review)

Rating: ★1/2

Being backed by the hype caused by Chance The Rapper's significant input and involvement, Donnie Trumpet and the Social Experiment's Surf is a neo soul/hip hop album that is not only going to provide you with tunes to keep your summer going on a high note, but is also free.  Having released a body of work that could've been his debut album over the past six months free on his SoundCloud, Donnie Trumpet and the Social Experiment's sounds is about as unique as the names of the people in the group, like Peter Cottontale, Greg Landfair Jr., and Nate Fox.  Don't be fooled by the use of  trumpets, saxophones, and other brass instruments, this is first and foremost a hip hop album.  Contained within the album are features from rappers Busta Rhymes, Quavo from Migos, J. Cole, Big Sean, and many others.  Not only are there features from mainstream hip hop artists, but also features from R&B artists like Janelle Monáe and Erykah Badu.  At first, the feature from Quavo on the track Familiar seemed very out of place and I was nervous about it.  Surprisingly, his verse compliments not only the song itself, but the album as well.  Sunday Candy, a single released on SoundCloud, is the track that truly stands out and represents what The Social Experiment is doing with their music.  While, unfortunately, not all of the songs on the album have the same vibe as Sunday Candy, each song flows together well and are unique in their own right.  The major downside to Surf is that, despite Sunday Candy, no track really sets itself apart from the others.  The best way to listen to this album, for maximum enjoyment, is from start to finish.  Even though it did not live up to the hype, Surf is an album that you shouldn't miss out on (it's free!) and is an album fit to enhance your summer.

By: Parker Casada
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