Dylan Owen - There's More To Life [EP]

For the past few of weeks we've been bringing you singles from Dylan Owen's latest EP. Today, There's More To Life finally released and is nothing but glorious. With past singles, "Sail Up The Sun", "Everything Gets Old" and "The Best Fears Of Our Lives", the EP includes 5 new tracks with live instrumentation.

The collective project took a while to create as Owen has been writing for years to ensure that his story about transitioning into adulthood is fully described as he leaves no stone unturned. Although there are things in this world that can't be accomplished by either Dylan Owen, the guy next to you, or even yourself, there will still be more to life than we will ever know. 

whether it's love, or it's life, or it's a shitty situation, or it's perfect, or it's heaven, or it's hell on different stations...everyone's aloud to have a blister on their soul

What a wonderful world it is to be living in when we have such soulful and thoughtful music we can all relate to while we just...

lie on the pavement watching helicopters pass, drawing circles under heaven in geometrical pass

As you proceed in your chaotic, hectic life today, one thing I urge you to do is to just stop, sit down, plug in your headphones and listed to There's More To Life, because that's just it; there is so much more.

 don't wake up tomorrow and realize that your life is done