Magestik Legend - Just Enough For The City (prod 14KT)

Magestik Legend: Just Enough For The City [prod by 14KT]

From off the 4 and 1/2 star album "Legend Has It" from Black opera emcee Magestik Legend, comes the 14KT produced Stevie Wonder inspired single "Just Enough For The City".

"Just Enough For The City" was originally meant for a freestyle project I was working on with 14KT. We were just blindly picking up random records out of a pile and making freestyle beats out of whatever sounded good. The goal was for every beat to be made in minutes and for every verse to be a real freestyle. Nothing was written. As KT was making the beat, we somehow came up with a quick hook idea and KT plaid keys to the melody. I took the track home to The Legend Lab studio and freestyled whatever came to my head first, with a 5th of Hennessy as my copilot. This track is one of many from that freestyle batch."