Papoose - The Bank (prod Ron Browz) + Album Tracklist

Papoose - The Bank (Produced by Ron Browz)

With his highly anticipated sophomore album "You Can’t Stop Destiny" set for a July 17th release, Papoose lets loose the first single. "The Bank" is a fast tongued cut which gets produced by hitmaker Ron Browz. Peep the tracklist below.

1.) “The Bank” (produced by Ron Browz)
2.) “You Ain't Built Like That” (produced by Amadeus)
3.) “Mobbing” f/ Troy Ave (produced by Havoc)
4.) “The Plug” (produced by DJ Premier)
5.) “Michael Jackson” f/ Remy Ma & Ty Dolla $ign (produced by Ron Browz)
6.) “Wish A Nigga Would” (produced by DJ Tip)
7.) “Everything To Gain” f/ A.G (produced by Showbiz)
8.) “Revenge” f/ Maino & Red Cafe (produced by GUN Productions)
9.) “Team US” (produced by DJ Tip)
10.) “You Draggin It” (produced by DJ Tip)
11.) “Global Warming Part 2” (produced by GUN Productions)
12.) “Illuminati” (produced by Gemcrates)
13.) “Obituary 2014” (produced by GUN Productions) *****Bonus Track