Part Of The Problem Tour Diary - Day 2

For those just joining us, my name is Sketch tha cataclysm. I am an MC/Producer/ok-tho contributor from Waterbury, CT. Currently, I am in the midst of the Part Of The Problem mini-tour with my doom rap homies Vinyl Cape. I started documenting our exploits with yesterday's post about our show at Asylum in Portland, ME. This is day 2. . .

Montpelier, VT!

Its been a few years since I have been around this area of Vermont, so this was an absolute pleasure to rock at Charlie O's World Famous. We also had the great opportunity to be able to stretch out a bit with lengthier sets with both groups getting to do an hour each. Those are always so interesting. You get to bounce around with your material and try out different things.


DJ Mo Niklz set off our evening with an excellent set, spinning everything from Tom Waits and Queen to Charles Bradley and Black Sabbath. Really really great way to start the night.

After much pondering and editing to the set list, I hit the "stage" next with a 16 song set that included material from a stretch of eras of my career thus far. Finding ways to breathe and these sets are always a challenge but I think we knocked it out of the park. Some of the songs appearing on the MAYA demos CD that I made available through my indiegogo campaign and some even newer. Some of the songs were pulled from way back. I got a compliment on my socks haha.

Here is the setlist:

1. Inspired By A Conversation Last Night
2. Re-Introductions Aren't Necessary But Fuck It
3. I Dreamt Of A Bottomless Heaven
4. Forever With The Moon
5. No Time For A Sad Song
6. Furor Poeticus
7. The Revolution Will Not Be
8. Love Poems To My Impending Poverty
9. If
10. Sleep Deprivation And The Artist
11. Afraid Of Heaven
12. Fading
13. Seasons Through Pen's Ascension
14. Stroll
15. Words And Numbers
16. Beware! Witness!

Next, my good brothers Vinyl Cape hit the metaphorical stage with an aggressively awesome set. A few folks drove over two hours specifically to see the gentlemen and immediately started dancing. Two of the oldest cats in the room joined and made it a mini-party. At no point did their hour set feel like the length it was. A blast was had by all. Second night with a quiet room but I had a really great experience. Can't wait to go back.

Our night concluded with a trip to Burlington. The really good bruvah/fellow indie rap performer Humpasaur Jones put us up for the evening. Its a blessing getting to build with other cats in the community and the ones who really give a fuck really try to take care of each other when we are on the road. We concluded that part of the journey with a stop at the amazing Speaking Volumes record store. A beautiful spot for those of you unaware and you could now purchase Vinyl Cape and Brzowski vinyl there.

See you guys tomorrow when we talk about the Ithaca tour stop at Sacred Root!

Peace and blessings!

Day 1: