QM & Ben Waid - "I Shoulda Been A Surfer" (Album Review)

by Tony Diamonds

Bay Area and Central Coast legend QM teams up with producer Ben Waid to create an interesting mix of sounds on his new release "Shoulda Been A Surfer". Showcasing a variety of beats and some killer flows, QM does the west coast proud on this one. Read on for a more detailed review.

BEATS: ★★★★✩
"I Shoulda Been A Surfer" seems to be an official Ben Waid collab. His beats go in a couple of directions on this release. There aren't a lot of densely layered beats to be found here - most of the production is rather sparse, but still very good! #REC and IOWANNA both throw some boom-bap type production while Beaches and Bridges and Relax Your Mind go more with the 808 drum sounds. Beaches and Bridges is probably the standout - it's the perfect sound and tempo for a Bay Area-style slapper! Overall the variety of the production keeps this short record interesting throughout.

LYRICS: ★★★★✩
Experience might have one expecting to hear QM's typically laid back delivery touching on the finer points of drinking, party-going and mic-wrecking. While this is still somewhat true on this collection of tracks, QM's voice has a more raw edge to it on this album which is quite enjoyable. He seems amped to be on these tracks - which is a good thing. Rec-League cohorts Proe, Maclane & Richie Cunning show up on the posse track #REC and leave with mics destroyed. Other guests such as Lightbulb, Luke Sick and Eddie K come through and lend a hand throughout the rest of the release. Overall, QM sounds more aggressive with the resultant tracks sounding a bit more hype. We even get some ill double-time verses on the organ-laced "Relax Your Mind".

OVERALL: ★★★★✩
QM's I Shoulda Been A Surfer is a great release, although perhaps a tad on the short side. QM seems to have some renewed energy and the beats are varied enough to keep it sounding fresh throughout. It would definitely be interesting to see what a full-length from this duo might sound like.

Thus concludes this QM I Shoulda Been A Surfer review. You can name your own price on this album directly from QM here: QM & Ben Waid I Shoulda Been A Surfer. Also be sure to check out some of my other hip hop reviews here: Hip Hop Reviews