80's Babies (Dee Jackson + Tall Black Guy)- Searching For Happy [LP]

Quality sounds from the 80’s Babies duo (Dee Jackson on the rhymes + Tall Black Guy on the beats) on their newly released "Searching For Happy" full length project. Since late last year the group have been deftly releasing airtight, jazz infused tracks from this project, as die-hard fans eagerly awaited a new set of sounds from the critically acclaimed pair. On cuts like “I Digress”, “3Fifths”, “Darkie”, “The Box”, “NOW” and the indelibly dope posse joint “LightWork”, frontman Dee Jackson delivers politically tinted, grown-and-doing-my-own-thing-youngin’ type rhymes that glow even brighter over Tall Black Guy‘s thickly layered, groove-focused production. Don’t sleep on this peoples!