Bop Alloy ft Oma Pearl - Sketches of Pain (Video)

In case you forgot, last year the dope duo of Substantial and producer Marcus D, aka Bop Alloy, released their sophomore LP, "Another Day in the Life of". Today the twosome return with a new visual treatment for their jazzy cut "Sketches of Pain" which features songstress Oma Pearl. HiPNOTT and crew call upon Swiss animator Carlo-Roman Picaso to string together images of police brutality, protest, various forms of mental & physical anguish with portraits of hope and perseverance and whom also says:

The inspiration to create this video was to give the artists something back. Through my studies in Animation, at work and in my private life, I always listen to their music. Everything started with Nujabes. I watched the Anime series Samurai Champloo and as young animation artist it's natural to research who directed it and who did the soundtrack. I liked listening to Hip Hop and Jazz before and Nujabes had the perfect mix, so i started to follow his music and his collaborations with other Hip Hop artists like Substantial. After Nujabes died, I was very touched by his musician friends. This community is fantastic and I always wanted to be a small part of this nice community.