Cheech Bundy - Double D's Trilogy (Dir. Dirk Hasslehoff)

When I received a DM on Twitter earlier toady from my dude Cheech Bundy, I wasn't sure what I was in for...after he told me that he put The Double D's Trilogy out for people to get hip to while waiting for the Meek diss track, I didn't fathom this.
Cheech Bundy teamed up with Dirk Hasslehoff to create a super creative 3 track story of Flunitrazepam (look it up) mixed with an episode of twisted Cheaters.
Not only did he pull this off, Bundy also took it to the next level by sampling the Rolling Stones, Sublime, and the White Stripes to blend hip hop and rock to enact what he describes as "not the first time i was roofied, but definitely the best time".