Conscious Kane - Stability [Mixtape]

Newcomer, Conscious Kane dropped his debut project, Stability, last week and it's a little 12 track bundle of pure dopeness. With a little something for everybody to enjoy, Conscious Kane is able to grab the attention of new listeners and latch on to their musical sensations with ease. Previous singles, "Sushi" + "What's Love" exude the previously mentioned "jack of all trades" type of music and completes the project as a whole.
Stability can be defined as a quality or state that's not easily changed or a consistency of character or purpose that is rarely manipulated. For 21-year old Hampton, VA's Conscious Kane, the term stability represents more than just a word - but an unwavering drive to create great music and present an artistry that represents who he is. 
Conscious Kane commits to delivering a story that expresses being a lower middle-class dream-chaser who uses his talents to manipulate flows, create smooth deliveries and focus on an unmatched lyricism that upholds his values.
If all Conscious Kane needs is some headphones and a beat to make music sound this good, then I'm nervous and excited to see the 21 year old grow and explore new areas within the specific genre. Get out your pen + paper and add the name to your list of people to watch.