Despot - House of Bricks (Prod E*Vax)

If you haven't heard of Despot it is probably because "House of Bricks" is the first song he has released on his own since the two singles we got from him back in 2004 off the WMR split EP he did with Camu Tao and El-P. For years Despot has been doing features and performing without ever releasing an album of his own. He has appeared on tracks with El-P and Das Racist, he has spent time touring with Run The Jewels, and he even hopped on a song with ILOVEMAKONNEN and Vampire Weekend frontman Ezra Koenig as part of Red Bull's 20 before 15 project. Despot attributes his lack of an album to his perfectionist mentality which, given how dope "House of Bricks" is, makes a lot of sense.

Although he has been performing "House of Bricks" live since 2012, Despot just made it available for purchase on iTunes or to stream on Souncloud.  One can only hope that this release serves as an indication that Despot is ready to drop the album that all his fans have been waiting on for so long.