Dylan Owen - The Glory Years (Official Video)

One of my favorite storytelling rappers, Dylan Owen is back with the official video for his single "The Glory Years" off of his recent album There's More To Life.  The always passionate Owen makes words jump out and touch your heart with a series of metaphors "inspired by the fear of growing older before your time".
“This song summarizes the message of There’s More to Life,” Owen says. “We haven’t had the best years of our lives yet, and that’s okay, I’m confident that they’re still to come. I perform the song while trapped in a dusty room filled with special memories and future hopes, like a decaying love letter, a map of the world, and old photographs. An elderly man who reminisces back on his life alongside a snowy lake could be me in the future or anybody who never had the years they always hoped for. Lastly, I drag a knight mask made of real armor up on a long hill. That mask is my protection over innocence or growing up, and I have to let it go because it weighs so heavily on me.”