JuJu Rogers - From the Life of a Good​-​For​-​Nothing [Album]


Features:  Oddisee, Kidsoul, Mic Donet

Production:  Twit One, Freddy Bracker, JuSoul, Tufu, Bluestaeb, Knowsum, Kurdish Jackson

The latest intern signing of Juju Rogers, releases his debut album "From The Life Of A Good For Nothing“ on Jakarta Records. His classic yet not old school sound is paired with an effortless flow and beautiful productions that derives from various influences. Juju is a dedicated observer of his surroundings and manages to condense those observations into meaningful powerful songs.

The album was produced by beat makers such as Twit One, Tufu, JuSoul, Knowsum and many more and features guests such as Oddisee and Mic Donet.