Jurrassic 5 Talk Possibility Of New Album

In a recent interview with HipHopDx, Jurassic 5 members Marc 7 and Akil The MC were asked about an update for a 5th studio album by the legendary group. Although both of them agree they would love to do it, they both are satisfied with the thought of it not happening. With over 15 years in the game and 4 albums, the group says they are okay with just touring and not recording new music as they feel they have accomplished enough with the four albums. With each member not only having other commitments including family and solo projects, it's very hard for them to come together as a unit to work on new material.

Akil states:

"We have become one of them groups where they [the fans] don't wanna hear no new shit.They just wanna hear what they like and stuff. Before we broke up I recognized that."