Kitt - Rain (prod Harlow Beats)

Rain (Prod. by Harlow Beats)

21 year old Zimbabwean artist, Kitt, who is currently in America studying Biomedical Engineering, drops us his new single "Rain" produced by Harlow Beats. The song is basically an ode to finding peace of mind and happiness during times when it feels seldom and almost inappropriate.

"As a child, a rainy day meant no playing outside to most but to me, it was elation and many found it weird that I loved the rain much more than the sun. I realised that it's not the rain that stopped me from having fun but my own like/dislike of it that determined everything. The song is riddled with wordplay, "the future looks oblique (so bleak) from such a lateral...", and other motifs aimed at painting the picture of bliss in different times."