Mike Melinoe - Hold My Dust (Official Video)

Detroit-based emcee Mike Melinoe of the Organic Geniuses will be releasing an EP later this year. While you wait for the untitled project, you can enjoy this dope video for the Vintage Tux produced single "Hold My Dust".

"Hip-hop revivalism is always a hot topic among heads. Is Joey Bada$$ just a bad impression of the 90’s? Is a sample and a drumbeat enough anymore? Are Drake and Yung Lean and Kitty Pryde destroying the purity of an artform, or advancing it beyond conservative guidelines of what it should be? “Hold My Dust” by Mark Melinoe is definitely a part of this conversation. The chorus sneers “If you don’t like it you can hold my nuts”, but the title is “Hold My Dust,”  is seemingly a comment on the way vinyl makes dust auditory. The track is produced by Vintage Tux, whose name and beat remind me of the music our grandparents listened to while they wore tuxedos and Charleston-ed around. Mike’s own verses combine old-school lyricism, classical cockiness, and references to Allah and Farrakhan in a way that makes it seems as if he knows all 120 Mathematics of the 5 Percenters. This is not desperate revival though, no “kids these days” and “get off my lawn” vibes. This is the reinvention of an art form, subtle enough to be recognizable, but new enough to advance the conversation forward"