[OK-Tho Premier] Ghetto MC - Das Yoo Mang (Video)

While Philadelphia based emcee Ghetto MC is gearing up for the release of his new album  "The Ghetto Blaster Project Vol. 1" coming out on Sensi-Starr Records, he links with us here at OK-Tho to premier the video for "Das Yoo Mang". produced by Ill Clinton and directed Skrewtape,  the video delivers humorous scenes of an inner city rec basketball league game while the track bares that good ole vintage flow that Ghetto MC holds. Of the song he explains:

"It's celebratory. Like if I see you with a bad chick, "Aye That U Mang" or if you got a dope song like (That U Mang) I'll dap you up like "Aye That U Mang". My hometown crew and I have our own slang.  So, "That U Mang" came about when my bro Nutt came around saying it and it caught on with the rest of the crew. Later that week Ill Clinton sent me the beat and wallah....magic. It was initially a track for one of his projects but I missed the "

As for the project, look for it to drop soon here

"With The Ghetto Blaster Project Volume. 1 I'm taking the listener back to the Boom Box era, when all 5 elements of hip hop were at their peak. Back when DJ's like Clue, DooWop, Tony Touch, S & S, Ron G were dropping mixtapes every 5 weeks with nothing but the hottest exclusives. Essentially it's a mixtape with the content of an album that's why I call it a project. The goal is to get people a little more familiar with me before we release my debut album Ghettoized, which is currently in the works and slated for an early 2016 release."