Quelle Chris - Innocent Country (Prod Chris Keys) [LP]

Mello Music Group

Features:  Fresh Daily, Cavalier, Denamrk Vessey, The Fiends, Big Sen

Production:  Chris Keys

Mello Music Group member Quelle Chris releases Innocent Country, the third installment of his project 2Dirt4TV, this time collaborating with producer and friend Chris Keys. The project is the culmination of four years full of hang-out sessions between the two. 

The LP is succinctly summarized on the Bandcamp page:
"It’s the soundtrack to self-medication as an escape from reality, but it doesn’t jump ship before the inevitable moment of clarity. Innocent Country is a party, but it’s also the morning after and the day before. A sweet experience on the surface, this is therapy billed as reefer night at your man’s spot."