Sean Anonymous & Dimitry Killstorm "Big Bang" Feat. Lizzo & P.O.S. (Official Video)

What we have here is a really dope record. You can now celebrate the release of the new album by Sean Anonymous & Dimitry Killstorm, Better Days, by playing this video featuring the extremely talented Lizzo and Doomtree's own beast by the name of P.O.S.
"Big Bang" displays the extreme rhyme prowess of our hero Sean Anonymous and continues the catalog of incendiary scores provided by Dimitry Killstorm. Sean has long been one of my favorite performers and its time more of the world learns his name. Dimitry made me a fan through the late Last Of The Record Buyers scene of Twin Cities and solidified his position with his work with Haph Duzn on 2013's Whittier Alliance. Throw Lizzo and P.O.S. in the mix and the universe expands. Better Days is out now!